So... Any news? Is crypto still shadowing fintech?


I noticed since late November the focus shifted to crypto and people dropped interest in fintech, me included. Which makes me wonder what’s going on in Starling atm?

So many exciting stuff was coming and since the release of Goals it looks like everything is so quiet… Or perhaps it’s just that January is a bit of a dead month.

I just hope things are doing well for the company cause I don’t wanna switch to Monzo or a legacy bank anytime soon. Thanks for your time.


Nobody in their right mind would switch to Monzo. Their app has no pin protection, their overdraft rate is thru the roof, if you put money in their goals (which they call pots) it is not taken into account when charging for overdrafts meaning many people pay for overdrafts when they would not be charged by Starling (who include balances held in goals when calculating overdrafts), Monzo charge 3% for cash withdrawals abroad (while it only costs them 1% for a typical EU withdrawal) but with Starling it is Free, Monzo do not have Apple Pay or Fitbit Pay, etc.


I don’t feel the same as you. I have no interest in crypto but a lot of interest in fintech.

Starling is still very young and it’s impressive how far they’ve come in such little time. I imagine there is plenty more to come. More partners being added to the marketplace will make the real difference.


I’m excited and I think Starling is rock solid. I just would like them to have more partners ready to be released in the marketplace asap, as well as paying from pots…


Starling is superior in my opinion


Yeah I need to sort out a new mortgage before November as my current fixed term comes to an end and switches top an extortionate rate. So I hope they include these financial services before then


Slightly off-topic, but my fixed term runs out in July, so I’ve been playing with Habito looking at what deals are out there. It’s pretty cool.