Sneak Peek: The new Payments screen



Hi everyone,

I am Amber, a UX designer at Starling. Recently I’ve been working on the “Pay” section of our app and today I’m excited to share this with you!

Based on feedback from internal testing and here on the Starling Community, we’ve added an easy way to transfer money to any other accounts that you have with Starling, you can find this at the top of the “Payees” tab. We’ve also given our request payments feature, Settle Up, more prominence by moving it up from the bottom of the screen.

We have replaced the grid of all payees with a list of your recently paid payees which acts a bit more like a call log - showing you the payment details at a glance. From here, you can initiate a new payment too.

To initiate a payment with somebody in your payees that you’ve not paid recently, just scroll a little further to see an alphabetical list of all your payees.

We’ve also simplified the process of adding a payee by moving all the data entry fields from 6 separate screens to 1 scrollable screen. If we need more details, for example International Payees, then the list will expand to include the extra information that we need to capture.

I hope you like the new look. This will be rolling out shortly on Android, with iOS to follow.
I’d love to hear your Feedback!


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It looks promising for sure, without having a play with it, I cannot say much more.

You are rolling out android, but share IOS screenshots? Have you got the android screens to show?

Plus… UX designer… please tell me you didn’t suggest the #noswipe?



Thanks for sharing @AmberRose, Its great to get a sneak peek! I have a few questions/suggestions if that’s ok.

  1. If I only have 1 account, will everything move up? It would seem like a lot of room to be taken up if I only have 1 account and may be best to only show in that way if you hold multiple accounts.

  2. On payees, I’m not a fan of the side alphabet part, if that was hidden until you scroll I think that might work, or alternatively dare I say it, a green search button! :joy:

  3. Are there any plans to show friends who also have starling?

  4. I’d like to see the full history of payments on contacts too rather than a total figure if possible.

I’d be interested to know the average number of payees people have saved as I think you could probably boost the size of the contacts a little and space them out. I only have 9 saved.



I have 14 payees.

I agree with the history of payments rather than just a total figure.


My observation is that if you have lots of payees then I think the alphabetical list would work very well indeed - I’m thinking for mainly for business account users.

But in my personal account I only have 12 payees, and I really like the current list of three payees per row along with the little icons i’ve assigned them, and the name below. It will be a shame if I lose that.

Maybe the list could change from the pretty picture list to the alphabetical list once a certain number of items are in the list? Alternatively, provide a button to toggle between the two views?


Toggle is a good idea, covers both options.


Looking good. :slight_smile:


Will you add pay other contacts that have starling to this as well?


Looks nice, thanks for the preview!

If you only have one account then there won’t be any “other” accounts to display or transfer to, so presumably that section won’t be visable at all. But your point still stands if you have 2 Starling accounts, which would mean only 1 account would appear in that top section. Which does seem like quite a bit of wasted space:

A couple of other comments:

  • Would be ace to see the balances of your “other” accounts there (unless there are plans to add these to the Home screen).
  • Not sure about the vertical list of payees, you get less on screen at once and I don’t see the benefit of displaying all the account numbers and sort codes there.


Thanks @AmberRose, great to see some sneak peaks coming through.

Has no one noticed they called the account “Euro”? Do you think this means we may have… “GBP”, “USD” and so on??

That would make more sense to have that at the top of the screen - Like others, I only have 1 account (personal), but would also have a Euro account if it became available!

Great work Starling, look forward to trying this out!


I was choosing not to get excited when i spotted that…


Thanks for sharing @AmberRose, absolutely fantastic to see Starling communicating these changes early and requesting feedback.

I actually really like the existing Pay screens, so I’m not sure how I’ll feel about these changes until I get to play with it. It’s definitely a good move providing an easy way to transfer funds between your own accounts.

Not sure what to think of the recent payees part. I like having everything in alphabetical order as you then know exactly where to go. If anything, I think I’d have implemented a “favourites” feature rather than an auto-populated list. You could :star2: a payee to make them sticky at the top of the list, the same way the Android Contacts app works.

I’ll be interested to see how the changes work in practice. When can we expect the updated app?


AT LAST :tada::tada::tada:

I always thought the list was better, this is a massive improvement!


How I’ve missed the list @AshleyQuint


Thanks @AmberRose for the preview. I hope this means Starling will show more previews of features in future. :smile: it’s nice for community to see up and coming changes.

But it’s great to see this. The images shows a more thoughtful layout. Look forward to the update and to test it. But thank you for taken time to post this.


Great new layout for the “Pay” screen and I’m pleased the list view is making a return. I remember meeting you when you had just joined Starling, great to see some of your work.


Agreed. Also how does this payee list work with multiple accounts associated with the payee?


This looks great. Would be brilliant if it automatically found your contacts that also had starling accounts and added them to your list of payees


@danmullen I’m with you regarding the recent payee. I’d rather everything just be alphabetical - neat and tidy. If I’ve just paid someone, what’s the likelyhood I’ll be paying the again next? Not sure on this.


Hey Ben, yes the second shot is Android and the first is iOS. We will be rolling out with Android first and following up with iOS shortly after.

It shouldn’t be too long before you can play with it :slight_smile: