✅ Sneak Peek: Starling Goals


Agreed, but don’t say you’ll deliver something on a date and then not. I’m sure the folks here are all busy on development, but don’t forget to set and manage expectations of your customers.
I think it’s because everyone is so eager to see how this great functionality develops as well.


I hope the next update has this feature. I want this feature through my veins…


I think saying when they hope to get it out (or at least when you plan to get a teaser out as @ben.chisell actually did) is fine and then WHEN you find a few bugs you just have to say sorry guys it’s been delayed by code gremlins! Maybe an update is all we need… :wink:


Hey guys, Ben was promising a teaser … we’re not ready to release the feature just yet. But we have doubled our development on it and expect to be available in September.
I’m going to try and rustle up a quick vid of the in dev functionality…


Looking forward to it


omg omg omg can’t wait !! :slight_smile:


It’s gone four o’clock – and the weekend has come early! Here is a preview of our saving Goals on Android… we’d love to know what you think. We hope it provides an easy way for you to set money aside for the things that matter most to you (or which you just want!). Our goals will be part of your current account, so moving money from your main account to your goals is easier than ever, and we hope the personalisation with photos gives you that extra incentive :wink:


This is top notch. Hope development goes nice and quickly on this :+1:t2:


That really is very slick.


Wow that is a slick experience - really like that.


Love it @sarah.guha. Looks very slick and simple to use. :clap:
What happens if I have a balance in my spending money of £10 and a debit of £30 comes out? Does spending money attack overdraft first or take the required amount from the Goals? Or will that be a choice of the account holder?


@ben.chisell has really been rolling with this one (so I hope I answer this right). We believe the benefit of having your saving goals in one current account means that when a payment comes out which you have insufficient funds for in your primary account, rather than putting you into your overdraft or an un-arranged overdraft - which will you’ll be subject to pay interest on - we can actually see you have money elsewhere in your account and use the money from a goal to ensure the payment you have set up is made. You’ll be able to set the priority order of your goals so we might take it from your Bermuda fund (it’s a pipe dream anyway), but not your Bike fund (because you really need it). So I’d position Bermuda at the top, and keep the Bike fund safe at the bottom.

You can find out more about our overdraft which is part of our current account here: https://www.starlingbank.com/current-account/overdraft/

When you use an un-arranged overdraft we won’t charge you fees, only interest on the amount you are using. Our Maximum Monthly Charge is just £2.


Excellent. This is really well thought through.


A well thought through Savings Goals! I specifically like this


Really good @sarah.guha, looks like it will be a really useful addition to the current features.


This looks absolutely amazing and exactly what I’m looking for!

The stuff regarding the overdraft is also exactly what I would like too. It’d be also good that once you have enough money back in your account that anything ‘borrowed’ is put back, or at least allow this as an option because I can see that some people might not want it to automatically switch back.


Looks really good although knowing what your available to spend balance i.e. Actual balance - total goal Savings may be important for people to see at a glance. Also looking for a predictive available to spend value taking planned expenditure (as discussed on another thread) into consideration


I love it @sarah.guha & @ben.chisell! :smiley:

One question (that I think has come up before) can we use this (or a spin off from this) to secure money each month for specific payments?
For example I get paid at the end of the month (last working day…) but my mortgage and bills go out 15-19 th of the month. SO it would be great if say the first of the month (OR when my payment goes in) the required amount for the direct debits (maybe a guestimate from previous amounts as a surgestion that we can change or specify if you don’t know the amount that will go out) could be put into a kinda goal that is then used by the specified direct debits when they go out (taking extra from the main account IF it’s more than expected)!

This I think would be a small addition (I know as a developer my self I can hear my self screaming NOTHING is a small addition! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) to this feature but I figured if it’s put into the plan earlier enough (hopefully it’s still early enough!) then it will be possible! :blush:


Looks slick, very nice.

But @35 seconds, shouldn’t need to delete 0.00


OH I see what you mean now @MikePlant … I had to re-watch it to understand but you’re saying that when the new Goal is created and the user wants to send money to it they should need to delete the placeholder of £ 0.00 and instead clicking the box with no value entered “0.00” should just give you an empty box to type in? :slight_smile: