✅ Sneak Peek: Starling Goals


Any news on the teaser vid @ben.chisell? Intrigued to have a look at this in action!


That’s the benefit of the api. I was looking at doing something similar with my crypto-currency.
Round up purchases to nearest pound and attribute to savings goal… when goal matches current price of Ethereum buy 1 ETH etc. (Other rules apply)


Perhaps goals would be a good match for this functionality I discussed re: Student accounts and parents paying in cash to be used for a specific purpose?


Let me answer that on Monday :wink:

Savings account recommendation

Do people foresee the Goals feature replacing the need for a separate savings account with a different provider? I’m guessing having an ISA would probably still make sense for long-term savings goals (e.g. saving for a house), but with this fantastic Goals feature, I’m not sure I see a reason to have another kind of smaller savings account anywhere. I’d be curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on that, including those of Starling employees in relation to their intentions with this feature and how it relates to savings accounts.


I plan to use it to replace my “cash savings” account, which I use to put money aside for holidays, large purchases etc. I dont intend to use it to replace my main ISA


Yes - I plan closing a number of other savings accounts used for various things from holiday savings to emergency funds.


I’m looking to consolidate a few accounts that I keep money in to separate out various ‘pots’, at the moment I’ve got Holiday, Wedding and House Improvements spread across Barclays, Monzo and Revolut just to keep them separate.


The suspense is killing me!


any more updates @ben.chisell


I agree!


The suspense is killing me too! @ben.chisell let us know if the wifi in Chile isn’t up to it (and I’ll see what I can rustle up)


Monday has been and gone :cry:


:disappointed_relieved: I am guessing the Wifi in Chile is bad!


Any more news @ben.chisell or @sarah.guha


Maybe @ben.chisell didn’t meet his ISP savings goal :stuck_out_tongue:


Come on Ben don’t be shy


Come on @ben.chisell I know you can do this


Is anyone else checking every hour or so for this just in case @ben.chisell has come back…


Yep, lol. still I’d rather Ben got this right rather than pushing through a poorly developed feature.