✅ Sneak Peek: Starling Goals


Agreed, an option to continue once target reached or not. Plus, a notification would be nice! “You’ve achieved your target, click to decide what to do next.”

Then you can select to reallocate the money you were saving to other goals, continue saving etc


Sad request I know…but can we get Emoji in our goal name…so it’s appears in the name and on the transaction too? :slight_smile:


I have a request for a lazy option within the goals. I have a target say £2000 for a holiday I need to have this paid by 12 months and I want to schedule a payment and I want to pay the minimum amount for the payment schedule so if paying monthly 2000 / 12, weekly 2000 / 52, number of payments 2000 / number of payments etc. Once I’ve set those the option for min payment is available and automatically calculates the scheduled payment. And also let’s say 1 month as a 1 off I add or take away money from that goal, the scheduled payment automatically adjusts itself so that by the end of the term I have my target amount. So hope that makes sense?


I’d love to be able to see my main account balance, available balance (if an overdraft is enabled), and goals balance all from the homepage. This will allow a one-page glimpse of my money, rather than having to look on separate pages for this information.


I think they should be easier to find, perhaps a swipe to the right or something, but I like having my goals balance not immediately visible. Out of sight, out of mind as they say.


Agreed, showing the balence of goals on the home screen would definitely make it easier to dip into them. Obviously everyone’s different so really what would be great is a customisable home screen…


Looking forward to this on Android. Any idea of the timeframes?


The android app has this feature from the beginning :slight_smile:
See the Edit/Schedule option when you invoke the Pay sheet inside a goal.


I think Im losing the plot here! I was looking at a way of allocating money out of a goal rather than in. I have a “holiday” and “car” goal and would like to pay for the flights, insurance, tax etc out of them without having to transfer them to the main account.


This is precisely what I would want to see in the Starling app. Select a goal and round up the change to put in there. The goals could be investments- racy ones and conservative ones. Or even just an internal goal that’s kept inside of Starling.

I’m sure as the FinTech industry matures these sorts of companies will be acquired and brought into market-leading banks.

Not sure acquisitions is part of Starling’s growth plan :wink:


Goals have been great for budgeting.

Whilst not necessarily what its created for, I’ve created goals that separate my payment commitments and then move the money back across when the direct debit comes out. Meaning my current account balance is available to spend.

Any plans to automate the process to automatically remove cash from goal to current account? This would be helpful on Android

apologies if already posted/answered!


+1 on this - any update on if it’s on the roadmap at all?


Love this idea of save the change


Wouldn’t mind a ‘save the cashback’, so I can sweep the small amounts I get back from flux/Curve et al straight into a savings goal.


I noticed that at the top of the goals page it tells you the total amount held in your goals, but where can I see the total amount across all goals AND my main account balance?


Hi @pgbailey

You can see this in Account Management > Legal Documents > Interest Rates > Interest Rates - Positive Balance.

It’s a little awkward, but we’re looking at making that easier soon. Please note, this number is the total of your Goals + Account Balance and may not include any pending transactions. :slight_smile:


Thanks James, just what I was looking for. Look forward to seeing it a place that’s a smidge easier to access!


I love the goals and use them for Everything :heart:️ I’d like it if you could save using a percentage of income rather than a fixed amount. Would be handy to save more if you’re having a good week / or less if things are a bit tight :man_shrugging:

Just an idea, thanks.



Integration with IFTTT could be interesting, save when you go to the gym :joy: I won’t be saving much!


I’d love IFTT integration with Starling. So many possibilities!