✅ Sneak Peek: Starling Goals


My guess its tomorrow, I asked if it was today or tomorrow and their response was “:eyes:


Even the fact that my first savings goal has to be for the rather undesirable expense of repointing the aging exterior of our Victorian house, cannot dampen my excitement for this feature! Looks awesome!


I reckon tomorrow as well it makes sense based on how they normally roll out updates. It is very bizzare how excited I am
To save for the monthly/ quarterly/ annual expenses! It’s a big sticking point for me as I currently have lots of savings accounts to manage different expenses. It will be a breathe of fresh air to be able to start and stop savings goals as needed, without having to open savings accounts!


The suspense is killing me :rofl:


Tired of looking at ths now! Where’s my goals? :joy:


Just had a thought.

Can you have an option to allow the App access to the camera so if you’re out you can scan barcodes for say, a Christmas list, and that adds the amount to a savings goal with transaction history?


I see an opportunity for a third party market place app. It could save the details of the item in question and price check online, maybe even automatically ordering once the amount saved is enough to purchase… This could be dangerous (amazing) if I could link a savings goal to my Amazon wish list…!


ooooh, just playing with the tasty new update!




Ooh look what I just found :smirk:


I’ve already got three goals setup :star_struck:

One of them I wanted to use for rounding up change (I’ll do it manually since the feature isn’t in there yet) but minimum transfer is £1.00 so couldn’t do that one but aside from that it works really well. :tada:


Y’all beat me to it, but yes… Starling Goals has arrived! :raised_hands:


My iOS app update has not changed anything at all :frowning:

Looks like the same as what was submitted the other week


Same as me :flushed:


I think they may have pushed the wrong update to iOS :weary:


Yeah seems that way :flushed: I looked everywhere in the app and nothing thought I was being daft! But appears not


You could do a weekly roundup transfer? (or roundup your roundups to a pound :slight_smile: )

I have been playing around with the developer API and am hoping to come up with a script to automate this for me. :nerd_face:


Same here



It now wants me to update again but has the same description as above.