Sneak Peek: Spending Updates


Hey! I’m Harry and work as a Designer at Starling. We’ve been working on some improvements to the spending section of the app and I wanted to give you an exclusive first look at what’s coming.

We wanted the spending section to include all payment types so you have a more complete view of your monthly outgoings and income. There a few things we’re changing and the screenshot should show you how things are going to work.
Payments out of your account will now be included so you can see all the money leaving your account rather than just card and direct debit payments. We’re also going to include a new ‘Incoming’ category where incoming payments will go (apart from card refunds). You will be able to change the category on an incoming payment and put it in to a spending category which will allow you to offset any spending you might have been paid back for.

These updates are currently in testing in both our apps and will be available very soon!



Hi Harry, these are great enhancements to the spending section, I’m pleased we’ll be able to include outgoing payments. Looking forward to this arriving :ok_hand:t2:


Thanks @Harry , the updates look excellent and a natural evolution. Pleased we can see in and out now.


Looks good, a useful update @Harry . I did notice that “Categories” and “Merchants” have changed to “ON” and “AT”. Is that decided? I much prefer the current naming.


Also Harry, as this screenshot is Andriod, does it mean Andriod will be getting it first?


@AshleyQuint we are testing it on our own accounts on both iOS and Android at the moment, hopefully we’ll be able to release them at the same time!


this looks like a great update and will make the analytics much more meaningful. Definitely looking forward to it. Thanks!

It’s a minor quibble, but I agree with this. Whilst ‘On’ and ‘At’ make sense when reading the screen as a sentence (‘You’ve spent x on Bills and Services, etc.’ and 'You’ve spent X at Bulb etc.), I don’t read the whole screen that way. At a glance, ‘categories’ and ‘merchants’ makes more sense and is instantly understandable.

Also, a pedantic point maybe, but ‘at’ only really works for places (You’ve spent X at Cafe Nerro) but less so for services. I wouldn’t say I’ve spent X at Bulb, for example.

A quick question @Harry - will this apply retrospectively, or we’ll at least have the option to go back and manually assign categorisation?


Really like the look of this. It will be great to have more insight into my spending.

Spending Category Monthly Total - Wrong!

Love the idea of incoming payments. Is this for things like wages?

How advance will we be able to see these incoming? like the day before it hits your account im presuming


This sounds brilliant - well done team!

Particularly excited for the ability to use incoming payments to offset certain spending :+1:


Great! I’m glad to see we can include income, as I use Starling to buy things like dinner or tickets for gigs with friends, so being able to categorise offset that spending with the repayment is really helpful. I must say I prefer the wording of Categories / Merchants.


Brilliant! Just as I started to feel I need this, you already working on it. Just to confirm, does that mean we can categorise payments/transfers out of our account?


Yes you will be able to categories faster payments out for the first time.

My favourite bit is the offsetting payments in - when friends pay you back for something you can offset the original card payment or faster payment out so spending insights properly reflects the share I owe.


That’s great new about the offsetting! :smile:

But maybe not so about the faster payments… I liked how transfers weren’t accounted for in spending insights. I often transfer money between my own accounts for different things, which isn’t ‘spending’.

I think the option to disassociate a transaction from a category too is an important consideration. I suppose you could attribute these types of transactions to the ‘payment’ category, but in the insights screen it will still be bundled with other actual payments and still come across as money ‘spent’. Just a thought…


There will be an “Internal” category I believe, which excludes them from spending calculations.

Edit: looks like it’s called Income, and removes transactions you assign to it from the total amount spent in a month


Looks good. Any plans to include and “All Time” piece after the months?


Are there any plans to introduce a customisable reporting period?

I don’t really care what I spent in March, but it would be helpful to see where my money has gone since I was last paid.


Today’s update has knocked my socks off! This is what I’ve been waiting for! Spending analytics are now completely reliable! Well done.


May be pushing my luck… but being able to categorise goal transfers (in and out) would also be incredibly helpful!