Sneak Peek: Pulse Iteration


Hi everybody,

I’m Simon, one of the designers here at Starling.

Today I’m excited to share with you some designs around the next iteration of the Pulse.

Based on feedback we understood that adding multiple timeframes to the Pulse felt like a natural evolution. You’ll notice the Pulse now contains a weekly and month overview of your spending.

With ‘Spent this week’, we showcase how you’re doing through the current week, showing a day by day breakdown of your spending. With ‘Spent this month’, we showcase how you’re doing on a week by week basis.

We think both views will help give you the larger context of your spending, while at the same time, allowing the pulse to stay quick and glanceable. We also think surfacing your weekly spend will allow for you to consciously adjust your spending habits throughout the month.

We’re excited to get your thoughts and feedback.


Disable "circle" graph and go straight to transaction list
Smart Balance
Incoming payments in Pulse
Historical pulse
Ability to see weekly / bi-weekly total in Spending screen

This looks awesome. A idea what would really help me and hopefully others would be the ability to customize a month counter start date, e.g. 15th. I get paid mid-month and would like to track spend on a payday basis and not necessarily on a calendar month basis.

iOS Release 0.35.1

I think this is definitely something we want to consider in future iterations. The challenge here is that a lot of people get paid at different times of the month (and not always on a regular or monthly basis!) so there are a lot of use-cases that would need to be considered.


Hallelujah! God I hated that day-by-day approach. As someone who hasn’t spent anything today (and therefore, as it’s the first of the month, hasn’t spent anything ‘this week’ or ‘month’) how do you switch between the views? Is it a swipe?


Keen to hear what you’d like to see!
Fair point about not having spent anything this week or month either. What would be most useful for you to see in this case?


My point was that day-to-day Pulse gave me little to no useful information. By not spending much every day, it just presented me with a blank circle with the highly obvious ‘You have not spent anything today’ and I’d have to click through for any deep analytics.

I welcome the three day/week/month options but it was just a question as to how I see each one. It appears not to activate until there is something to show.

Finally I would welcome a payday-payday option as that seems more intelligent, building your bank around me rather than me fitting my life around your month.


Would a rolling calendar month be a useful measure? For example, if you know you earn £1,500 per month and you’ve only spent £1,250 in that calendar month, you know things are good. But if you earn £1,500 and have spent £1,600 you’re about £100 over budget for the month.

I appreciate it’s not ideal but it gives you a clue as to what’s going on.


Great improvement!


Looks great! How do we change view?


It’s not just me then, who can’t work that out. I asked the same question yesterday, even had a reply from a Starling person but they didn’t answer that :neutral_face:


Perhaps it’s with a swipe? But if so it’s lacking the typical dots at the bottom of the screen to indicate the current screen/available number of screens. It’ll be interesting to see how it actually works.


This is great. It’s the first thing I noticed when I started using the app that it only works for a single day. If we’re moving to different time frames, it’d be good if you could group the transactions to the same place. I did a couple of bank transfers to the same account yesterday and they all appeared separately in the Pulse.


Thanks for all the feedback so far. Much appreciated.

With regards to transitioning between them, we’re currently exploring the idea of simply tapping the Pulse to cycle through the 3 timeframes, as you currently do to reveal merchants. With this approach it would mean we always show the data surrounding the Pulse.

What does everyone think of this approach? With the current Pulse, do you like to see the Pulse without the merchant data initially?


I like seeing the merchants initially.


I would like to see categories rather than merchants if possible…


Hi @simon,

The new spending insights look amazing!! Tapping to cycle through sounds definitely optimal to me, as consistent with current app behaviour in Android. Feedback on my side on UX including the new spending insights would be as follows:

no tap - no merchants (allows discretion if you are showing the app to a friend)
1st tap - merchants and daily spending
2nd tap - merchants and weekly spending
3rd tap - week date ranges and monthly spending

A further thought to answer @Henry_Lee 's user requirement:

Maybe add the ability to switch between display by merchants or categories via a switch on the bottom right/left of the Pulse screen which would appear after 1st tap. This would be to allow easy access with the thumb for right/left handed app users.

PS: displaying spending by category in Pulse would only be accurate once payments out will be categorised, as it is not the case yet (refer to thread Tracking Payments in Spending Insights)

hope this helps :slight_smile:


I like this.


I’d prefer ‘swiping’ rather than tapping to be honest.

So, open up - default view of categories but no merchant info.
Swipe left - merchant/daily spend, swipe again - merchant/weekly and swipe a third time - merchant with monthly.
Swipe right from the first screen - category/weekly view, swipe again - category/monthly view.

Starling can then have it set as a carousel so when you’re on the ‘monthly view’ (either with merchant info or category info) a further swipe in that same direction goes to the other monthly view.

So, it’ll be something like from the default ‘starting’ page (daily breakdown via category) - swiping 6 times right will take you back to that page -> Weekly/Category -> Monthly/Category -> Monthly/Merchants -> Weekly Merchants -> Daily Merchants -> Daily Category

Maybe also have an option available as well so you can set which screen you want as default when you start - either one of the particular Pulse views, or the statement view (with ‘swipe down’ to the Pulse).

With tapping - how would you go back to a previous view?


I really like @Stephen_Clifford 's view on this:

  1. swiping left to navigate between the 4 views (daily spend, merchant/daily spend, merchant/monthly spend, week date ranges/monthly spend).
  2. switch between merchants/categories by tapping on the desired screen. This would fit everybody without having to care if the user is left or right handed.
  3. the ability to set one of the 4 views as default.

Thanks @Stephen_Clifford!


Agreed about swiping, this is standard behaviour on iOS and works well. There is no need to reinvent what already works, in my opinion.