Sneak Peek: New Card Screen



The BIN is how Starling have set it up, its not a Google Pay thing, as other banks with the same BIN on cards can show them separately, as proved with Monzo, Barclays and Halifax, and I’m sure others.


@Kris - quick suggestion. I’ve just been looking at the new card screen and the animation when the card is locked.

When the card is locked, the card fades with an opaque effect and a slider moves over which looks great. This locks all payment types. This is the main override.

However, when the card is locked in this fashion, when you browse the ‘Card Controls’ all the sliders are showing as ‘active’ and are able to be moved. This is kind of giving me conflicting information. Are they locked or not? This is how they look when the main ‘Card Lock’ has been activated.

Perhaps it would be better if after the full lock that the individual sliders automatically moved to mirror the main ‘lock’. Maybe the should either slide over to the ‘deactivated’ state or show as opaque as the main lock screen? I think maybe this would provide more clarity and a better user experience. What do you think?


I think they should be opaque if the card is locked. That way we can see the status they are set to.


That would only work if it remembered how everyone had their individual lock settings, otherwise if it automatically locked everything, then automatically unlocked everything it would be a nightmare.

Although I think it’s just making things more complicated doing it that way. Your card is locked in the card screen, not sure most people would even click on extra controls, because no real reason you would need to.


I just think is should visually mirror the main setting. I don’t think that’s making it more complicated. When the main lock it triggered, it automatically deactivates and overrides all of the individual selectors, so there’s no change in behaviour needed, but just to show this visually in the individual menus.

Maybe true about most people not clicking through the other controls, but it made me question it so maybe others would also see the same.


I agree that it is misleading. I’m not sure changing the state of the sliders is the best way forward, but greying the options out or even greying the Card Control button out when the card is locked to prevent click through would resolve this.


Yeah, that’s a good idea!


Good point, something definitely needs to be changed here to avoid confusion.

Yep, this sounds the most sensible approach to me.


If the card is locked then that overrides those options so it shouldn’t matter what you can see in security controls.


Good suggestion!


While technically you are right, that doesn’t detract from the fact that the UI is still slightly confusing. Plenty of other apps either grey out child options, or hide them all together if the parent option is turned off.

Because locking a card is a temporary measure, I probably wouldn’t want to hide the other options, but greying out definitely makes for better UX in my opinion.


I understand the need when card controls are on the same screen, but not when you have to go into card controls after seeing your card is locked. More important features that need working on.

Barclays show it like you suggest, but they have controls on one screen, so it would be confusing otherwise. With Startling you can see it it’s blocked without needing to check card controls.


Once I lock the card as far as I’m concerned that is done and I would have no need to go into security controls. That’s the way I look at it anyway.

If people want this then better just to grey out security controls altogether.


I agree with the last point. Probably greying out “Control this card” may make more sense?

But I think, as it stands, it could be slightly confusing to some people. There isn’t any point being able to toggle settings, when they aren’t going to have any effect.

In the OneDrive app, if you turn camera upload off, you can’t go and set upload preferences. There isn’t any point. I think that’s just good UX.