Sneak Peek: New Card Screen



Hello everyone!

Glad to see all your comments on the new card design here and I thought you might like to see the new design of the card screen too (before it goes live tomorrow morning).

Here it is:

Notice that it includes a new Card and Payments Limits area - so you can see these quickly and easily.

We’d love to hear your thoughts! :credit_card:

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Card Lock Screen
New FAQs section!

I’m liking the fact Card and Payment limits are in App now, that was a basic feature missing.

I like the new look of how cards will appear in the app.


Like it and good to see the new card shape in the card screen. Good to see card and payment limits.


Looking good. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about the EMV chips being there. I think it would have looked fine without them.


Very nice! I like how the unlock toggle matches the colours of the cards, nice touch!


And also a special “Locked+ApplePay” edition to our resident UX critic @jcwacky :wave:

My aim was to create a kind of “milky plastic” effect. I didn’t want to blur the details though…let me know what you think :bulb:


I agree I think in future iterations you could skip the chip (hey that rhymes!.. sorry I am easily amused).

Overall I’m really pleased with the new designs.


Wow, I feel privileged to have earned such a title. :stuck_out_tongue:

Love it, all looks ace! Functional but clean.

I presume tapping on the card number will copy it to the clipboard?? :slight_smile:


Personally I like the chip appearing on the design.


Yeh, I kinda like it, it makes it immediately obvious that you’re looking a card, which is made a little less obvious now that it’s in portrait and you’re only seeing half of it.


I have this as a task/idea but I did not have enough time to run it through Legal @ Security.
Working against a precisely set date is always difficult in SW development.

I will ask them and if it’s approved I can implement it.


Naturally, it also animates the transition between locked/unlocked. :yin_yang:


Updated card screens look great, much better UI. We’ve been thoroughly spoilt today :see_no_evil:


We decided to make a kind of an exception here (from the flat design paradigm) and employ a flat-skeumorphic style (the chip helps here).

Cards are the last “surviving link” to the physical world in this new digital banking era. It’s probably going to stay that way for the next couple of years. We wanted to make it completely unambiguous and effortless to see that the thing on the screen represents the card in your pocket.

It was a close call though! Some of the team members burned a lot of emotional energy on it :crystal_ball:


Question: If cards still have another 5-10 years life in them. Will the physical cards be changing to mirror the in app renders shown here and if so, when?

Found other thread - my bad. Why are there three colours here and only two in A new kind of card for a new kind of bank ?


Looking great, already registered my interest in a new card! :grin:


Where do you register your interest in a new card? (because who wouldn’t want something that looks that cool)


With customer services in your app.


Those with the original purple card will see it in app still. Teal and navy will only be seen in app once you activate a new card of those colours. :credit_card:


I think this looks really great. Looking forward to locking and unlocking my card an unnecessary number of times tomorrow.