✅ Sneak Peek: Marketplace


Definitely! We have a pipeline of partners getting ready to enter the marketplace, so you’ll see more coming soon.


Please say there are some us northerners can use too? :wink:


Most certainly Dave!


Just putting my request in for the West country aswell, we may be a little behind the times with this new fangled internet thingy, but we still want to be in the party!


Don’t worry, you’re in :tada: :joy:


+1 for integration with the likes of Aviva.

This seems like a clever way of potential cross-selling without being pushy, too. :slight_smile:


I’m thinking Wealthify may well be one, judging by the mutual admiration going down on Twitter :wink:


Im interested to see how the integration could work. I’d like to see stuff, like for example, an approved 3rd party from the marketplace being able to automatically offer tailored travel insurance based on where I am traveling and for how long, when I buy flights with my Starling card.


MoneyFarm would be good to, the DD takes ages…same like moneybox I guess.

I started using standing order instead, it’s quicker by a few days.


You’ll be fine. I saw a shop the other day down there in Taunton selling them modem-thingies. Supposed to really good…:+1: