✅ Sneak Peek: Invite Friends to Starling


@JamesPratley @sarah.guha Any chance of a t-shirt please? I’m a large by the way! :grinning:


For suureee! I’ll get straight on that tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:


Brilliant! Thanks James! :smiley:


woo! filled all the hearts! still got the tshirts?


Sure do! Private message me with your name & size or reach out through customer service in-app! :slight_smile:


Thanks I’ve dropped CS a message :grinning:


Hi James, do you need me to message you or do you have all my details? Thanks!


I’ll private message you! :slight_smile:


I had a message in the app today pointing out I have made the 5 referrals & asking for tshirt size, it was a very nice surprise ! :rofl::rofl:


Nice! You got that in app? I also got 5 stars but I just got well done. I had to ask on here for a t-shirt! :open_mouth:


yeah! maybe I got lucky :smiley::smiley:


You must be one of the favourites! :wink:


Lucky you had to ask on here.


If you haven’t reached out to us on here, then we message you through customer service. We don’t have favourites, we love you all! :wink:


Finally! I have reached 5. Can I have my t-shirt please? :sunglasses:

I also signed up another 5 using a different invite code that CS sent to me in May.

Feel free to include some extras in the package in recognition of this if you like. :wink:


Pfftt - we’ll see what we can do :thinking::wink:


Aw man, now I’ve seen the t-shirt teased on Facebook I want one even more!

So far I’ve only got the missus signed up though :sob:


I have 4 signed up and apparently run out of friends! Well at least ones that aren’t scared of change! :laughing:


I got my t shirt and love the androids on the front and the starling logo on the back.


BOOM! :boom:
Hehe :joy:Convinced my Bro’s gf she should join she thinks she’s doing me a favour but she is so going to be hooked by the time the Goals comes out! :smiling_imp: Haha :joy:

@JamesPratley t-shirt me! :drooling_face: (X-small or small)

P.S. does that invite code no longer work? I mean with my new t-shirt I will CLEARLY be a walking advert! If anyone asks they are so going to want in once I am done explaining! :nerd_face: