✅ Sneak Peek: Invite Friends to Starling


Hurrah! Next week we’ll be giving you your own Starling Passes in app (both iOS and Android) to share and invite friends to join you on Starling. Here’s a sneak peak… (the code on the screenshots below might have a few uses, so don’t be shy!)


Android (look at that it’s first :wink:):


Clean up the Upcoming Features Section

Excellent move. :ok_hand:


Superb! I’ll get a few people on- board :wink:


Fab thanks guys!


Maybe I could promote the account to my colleagues? About 400 in my building


With things gathering pace, are we at a place to develop merchandise - Starling shop.

T - shirts, mugs etc (and cool stuff as well!)

That striking colour lends itself so well.

Let’s do it?


Great idea


…Polo shirts
Wallets (the velcro type)
Roller balls

I’ll stop there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ah we have t-shirts and stickers already - we’ll get you some for a future meet up.


Great idea Sarah. I only had someone ask me this week if I had a code… thanks for implementing this.


Sara this sounds a good idea - a bit like Monzo’s golden ticket?

Are you selling t-shirts as I’d love one?


How about little pin badges of the Starling logo? Then we could spot fellow Starlings in public places and give each other a knowing look!


This will be fantastic for getting the other half on-board!


I’ve joined the community forums just to thank you for the invite code! I was losing faith in moving up the queue quickly enough to coincide with my upcoming long trip abroad. THANK YOU! I will get you some rounds with all the £ I will end up saving in Fx charges.

Edited to add: the app looks so feature rich, I think I will switch all my banking activities on my return!


Any news on when this feature will be going live?


Soon, very soon.


Tease! :v:


It’s out there! Go go go go go!

First 20 customers to get 5 successful referrals will get a T-shirt :wink:



What version of the app is this @sarah.guha ? I’ve got an update to 0.26.6 showing but that’s the version I’m already running…


0.27.0 iOS and 0.18.5 Android - it takes a time to update for everyone, so it will be there soon.