Sneak Peak: Monthly Spend Target and Tracker


You might remember that a few weeks ago we released some features for new customers who were signing up to Starling, which gave them the ability to add their monthly income and their income categories. We’ll soon be adding this feature for existing customers too (as promised) …and we’ll also be adding the ability to add a monthly budget too so you can track your monthly spend against it.

It’s a neat little update to the Spending Insights section and is our first step into ‘budgeting’ allowing you to set a spend target for the month as a whole and see your progress against it.

I have no doubt this feature will develop further – a hunch tells me you might want to be able to set spend targets for each category – but we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback so we can design the next updates around your needs.

Thank you as always.

What features can you expect next from Starling?
Custom Spending Periods

All apple shots…what will the android delay likely be :smiley:

Looks ace tho!


Great but please bring to Android along with iOS

I would like to the ability to set money aside for some essential stuff every month which can only be unlocked when I make that specific purchase say like if I put a hold on my account for £215 and tell the app that this for TFL travel pass then if I go and buy pass in few days or weeks it could become available to use.


Looks great! Looking forward to testing and providing feedback! Thanks @sarah.guha


Thank you. Exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for. @sarah.guha


Look forward to testing it out, thanks @sarah.guha


Android and iOS - our execution is very similar for both hence choosing to upload just the iOS ones I had to hand. But here you go.


Sorry didn’t mean to criticise the use of iOS shots but thank you :slight_smile: . Starling is doing everything right me at the moment.


This looks brilliant :+1:t2: Looking forward to trying it out. I remember reading about the idea of people who don’t get paid monthly (I’m a 4 week person) so will this eventually get custom timeframes?


Looks fantastic but this would be more useful if it wasn’t restricted to calendar months, I get paid the 20th and would need it to start from then. Resetting this to 0 on the 1st of September with my August wage from the 20th would make this feature redundant.


Certainly willing to give this a try


Not everyone gets paid monthly, some of us get paid every 28 days, so monthly trackers are not really that relevant, unless you can change the date periods to be able to really keep track of your spending and targets.


So you want a ‘Start my new reporting period now’ button to select manually…?


Yep something that allows people to select a date range for reporting would make more sense. Even people that get paid monthly, some its 1st of the month, others its last Friday of the month, so just a blanket monthly tracker where you can’t select date ranges, doesn’t actually give you a decent report of your spending.


Looks great. Can’t wait to see this come to the mainstream app, what about money in v money out as a feature or widget?


Looks great :laughing:


This is my main beef with this type of budgeting too. I’m paid on last working day, and my bills come out on the 1st, so they never really align.

Looks good though, and in terms of spending per category going forward, at a basic level even if you could exclude things marked as “bills” from the monthly spend that would be sufficient for me :slight_smile:


Likewise, the one TSB provide is ALWAYS out of sync as I’m paid on the 26-28th of the month, depending on whether the 28th falls on a weekend or bank holiday. TSB start from the 1st and end on the last day of the calendar month.


I have the same problem as mentioned by a few people here already: I’m paid a few days before the end of the month, so it would be great to be able to start the period from that date (but not set it manually each month of course), with the option to change it should I ever change job and be paid on a different date.


Will there be the ability to tag standing orders to categories and assign budgets? Currently my ‘Spending’ view doesn’t take into account standing orders which takes a significant portion of monthly spend as it’s my mortgage. I’m having to manually calculate my monthly spend by going through daily spend.