Slowness between the Balance Displayed and Transactions?


So I was wondering if anyone else had experienced any recent slowness between the Balance displayed in the app and the Transactions made?

I’ve been getting notifications without issue, but when I go into the App, it’s not displaying the correct balance to reflect the transaction immediately, and then only updates later.

Wondering if this is just me and a possible connectivity issue, or something else?


Sounds quite strange. It’s all instant for me.

Perhaps send a message to customer services in-app so they can investigate.


I’ve only ever had this twice and that was in a weak signal area. Speak with CS like @Ben says.


I too have experienced this jus the one time, other than that it’s instant. Like @Joe_Merriman situation, it’s because I was in a weak signal area.


Cheers guys, was just a low connectivity issue when I was visiting my folks out in the sticks a little. Soon as I got home, back to the instant responsiveness I was used to :slight_smile:


Im having this problem - even sat in my house on wifi.

For example yesterday, opened the app using fingerprint scan. It loaded home screen with balance on (lets say it said £50).
closed the app
Went to make a payment for (lets say £45) and got the declined notification
Opened the app again - balance then refreshed as home screen loaded.

Its really annoying, done it quite a few times - in high signal areas also.


Hi @MickOrmerod!

Are you on iOS by any chance?


Hey. I’m not…android. running latest version of both android and the app.

Google pixel phone.


I’ll pop you a message and we can dig into this :smiley:


I’m getting this on the latest version on iOS as well. To get the pulse to update I have to open the app twice, really annoying.


This happens to me too. I usually resolve it by going into transactions and pull down to refresh, and then it appears. Would be good to have it fixed though.


This has been happening for me too. Only noticed it today, I have to close the app from the multitasking menu and open it back up again to get everything to come up properly, this is on iOS


@markmcdowell @RadioSilence @Ben_McGrath - can you please tell me what devices you are using?


@LoganAllan, iPhone 7 on iOS 11.3.1 :slight_smile:


iPhone X, iOS 11.3.1. Latest Starling app version.


I have this too and I am on phone 8 plus 11.4


Thank you all - I have noted down your device details and added them to the report


You’re on the beta then?


Yes I am on beta.


iPhone X on iOS 11.3.1 (was happening on 11.3 as well). Latest version of the app (happened on the last version as well).