Slow App Launch on iOS


Does anyone else experience very slow app launch on iOS? Between launch and FaceID authentication there seems to be a noticeable delay, which is getting more and more frustrating? I have tried a hard reset and uninstalling/reinstalling the app but with no success.

iPhone X
iOS 11.3 (but same issue on 11.2)
App Version 0.45.0

Thanks! :grinning:


Hey, I am yet to experience Face ID. I do agree that there is definitely room for improvement with app launch times with Starling for iOS - not a big deal for me personally on my iPhone 8 Plus.


I had an iPhone 7 Plus, and experienced the same slow launch performance.
I have now switched to Android, and it’s a lot snappier.


Yep, start up time on the iPhone X is painfully slow.


Good to know I am not the only one — I have already reported this to CS via in-app support and supplied screen recording clips as feedback. Can someone from Starling confirm if this will be resolved in the next app update please? :iphone::grinning:


Running the Starling app on my iPhone 6 isn’t the most fun - although I think that’s due to the old phone - I can’t confirm anything, but I must say that our beta app (the one that’s due to be released) is a much needed improvement in terms of speed :grin:


Try to launch new TSB mobile application on iOS ;)))


As an ex TSB customer; I can say it was very much the same on Android. I found TSB’s new app to be unusable, it would rarely connect and when it did as it failed to connect previously you’d have to resign up to the mobile app from scratch!


Did someone say, “Pop the kettle on whilst I wait for my TSB app to load” - It does take a good while


Same, very slow to get to fingerprint scan pop up. Using iOS 11.3 on iPhone 7. Latest release (today) hasn’t speeded login up


Hey, how did you post that video? Just tried but said recording wasn’t valid file extension. Cheers


Unfortunately it’s still the same (on iPhone X with FaceID) for me after the app update too. This really needs to be resolved as it’s a daily frustration now.


Hi Paul, you’re right, you can’t upload videos unfortunately. I converted the video to .gif which is accepted :smiley:


Thanks for responding so quickly! Good to know it’s being focused on :slight_smile:


Thanks Jai


Good afternoon thread!

We have done a bit of investigating and we do not believe that the latest release has had any widespread impact on the start-up time. If you are encountering different behaviour when logging in, get in touch with the team with your device and version details so we can look into it

Have a great day :grin:


I’ve already done this (via CS in app ref #210773) as per my previous message and was told to email a video over but have not had a further response. The below is a GIF taken moments ago on the latest app (iOS 11.3 / iPhone X / 0.46.1). The problem is exactly the same as it was before the app update, and it’s obviously affecting multiple users judging by this thread alone.


I don’t think the update has impacted performance - I think in general there could be improvements to app launch times and when using Face ID.


@Joe_Merriman Agreed, I had launch time issues across 0.45.0, 0.46.0 and 0.46.1. I appreciate it’s not a huge issue, but when you’re in and out of the app multiple times everyday, it begins to get very frustrating!

Let’s hope it’s acknowledged and a fix deployed :slight_smile:


Agreed mate.