Sky Bet "Can't Accept this Card"


I just had a card decline trying to place a bet on Mayweather vs. McGregor via the Sky Bet app, I received the following error:

I don’t think Sky even attempted to charge the card as the message popped up pretty much straight away.

I’m unsure if this error may be due to the lack of SecureCode, a lack of Sky updating their database or maybe it’s because the BIN has been previously used by a pre-paid card scheme?

An update on why this has declined would be appreciated as I am currently trialling using my Starling card as my full bank account before deciding to switch.

Retailer Declines

Sounds like SkyBet haven’t updated their BIN / PAN ranges, I would contact SkyBet Customer Services…

Think it is still registered as a PrePaid Card @ SkyBet


It might be worth posting about this in the “Retailer Declines” thread.

If Sky CS refuse to help you, then try asking Starling CS to contact them. :slight_smile:


Please report the declined to Starling customer services as well


I did, I got a very standard response about Starling not yet being accepted everywhere; I’ll be honest I’m on the fence about switching and the chat has made me think it’s not a good idea at the moment.

I don’t find it acceptable having my card declined if it’s to be my only current account and no promises were made about talking to the merchant just a thanks for logging the issue.

Would be nice if Starling plan to talk to Sky Bet to have been kept in the loop possibly; so far it’s the only minor thing I think CS has done that could have possibly been handled better.

Chat started: 2017-08-25 05:56 PM UTC

(05:56:34 PM) Thomas Horne: I just had a card decline trying to place a bet on Mayweather vs. McGregor via the Sky Bet app, I received the following error: Sorry, we cannot accept this card.
(05:56:36 PM) *** Lola joined the chat ***
(05:56:38 PM) Thomas Horne: I don’t think Sky even attempted to charge the card as the message popped up pretty much straight away.
(05:57:00 PM) Lola: Hi Thomas, thanks for letting us know about this
(05:57:10 PM) Lola: as we are still a new bank not all payment systems accept our card yet
(05:57:15 PM) Lola: but thanks for notifying us
(05:57:40 PM) Thomas Horne: That’s OK, I did call them and got this response:
(05:57:44 PM) Thomas Horne: I was told that they can’t update the databases or make any exception, which I thought was very weird? (I was only asked the bank name and no card numbers or other information!) I was then put on hold while the CS agent spoke to the banking team.

I asked if they had any idea why the card wasn’t accepted and was told they only take certain types of card, I pressed and asked how so but got no other information.
(05:58:09 PM) Lola: oh ok
(05:58:29 PM) Lola: it may be that their customer services may not know the logistics behind card payments
(05:58:44 PM) Thomas Horne: Thanks for logging it for me. :slight_smile: I’ve used Coral for now as I rarely bet and found the website easier to use. :wink: So all good.
(05:58:47 PM) Lola: but we are aware that not all merchants accept are card yet
(05:58:55 PM) Lola: awesome!
(05:59:05 PM) Lola: I’m excited about this fight
(05:59:15 PM) Lola: it should be great!
(05:59:31 PM) Lola: :raised_hands:
(05:59:40 PM) Lola: I will also be tuning in
(06:00:33 PM) Thomas Horne: Yeah, it should be good. I’m wondering if McGregor will forget himself and kick out? Was worth the £1 on it. :stuck_out_tongue:
(06:00:53 PM) Lola: :joy:
(06:01:21 PM) Lola: £1, well lets hope everything works out in your favour
(06:01:36 PM) Thomas Horne: Amongst betting on a short fight, 1-6 rounds, well were see what happens I guess? Thanks and have a good evening.
(06:01:53 PM) Lola: You too, take care
(06:02:48 PM) Thomas Horne: :slight_smile:


Hi Thom,
Thanks for your feedback.
Starling CS can certainly tell you what happens after you flag a merchant not accepting our card.
We escalate this directly to MasterCard, and they handle the interaction with the merchant.
This can sometimes take a while to be resolved, as some websites/retailers use a dated method of looking up a card range.
CS will come back to you once we know it is resolved.
We’re here to help, have a nice weekend :+1:t3:


@patrick Many thanks, this was not made clear to me at all so thanks for clarification. :slight_smile: Wording from the chat made it seem much more like Starling would just log that the card didn’t work so it could be relayed if others complained too.


CS have also referred my Dominos Pizza Apple Pay issues to MasterCard.

Hopefully there will be a resolution soon! :slight_smile:


Sky Bet are also declining Monzo debit cards. They just seem slow at updating :frowning:


Yes, it would seem so.


Seeing as I’m only using Monzo and Starling debit cards now I’ll just have to hope I win with the money I have left in there :smile:


I just used Coral instead, good luck with your bets. :slight_smile:


Cards should now work with Sky Bet albeit with a bit of help from the Contact Centre when adding. Withdrawals, however, will have to be via a bank transfer directly back to your Starling account.