Siri Integration


I know you are looking at Google and Amazon integration, any idea on when Siri might be introduced? show us iOS users some love :laughing:


Sure this will end up on the radar sooner rather than later, especially with homepod incoming and apple pay to friends.


I’m confident we’ll see it


But what if your housemate is an arse and thinks it’s funny to ask echo to pay him a grand? :joy:


Or a small child… Or even more likely an angry teenager! :smiling_imp:


Barclays now support it, any update on if and when this might be supported?


I’m still not sure this is a good idea! :confused:
Siri is NOT secure. You could get someone to transfer money to you by just shouting “Hay Siri, Send Joe Merriman £200”… Or is that your plan… :wink:


But Siri only responds to your own voice, doesn’t it? Surly Barclays wouldn’t implement if there was security concerns. I don’t have the technical knowledge on this to know if secure or not :smile:


NOPE! haha it responded BETTER to your voice as it adapts to understand your own way of speaking but if someone speaks clearly it will have no trouble responding to anyone’s voice. Try it. Ask someone elses Siri something. In fact the fun one is if you see a iPhone unlocked on a desk quickly and clearly say:

“Hay Siri, Text mum and tell her we’re pregnant. Send”… :wink: There isn’t much they can do about it bar trying to explain to their mum it was a joke someone played on them. BUT can you imagine trying to explain to your bank you didn’t send that money someone else the other end of the room told your phone to do it when you were sitting RIGHT in front of your phone… :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Although looking though that article it’s a BIT misleading… It’s not exactly “Hands Free” as you tell Siri to do it and then have to use TouchID to authorise it… I guess that would work. :wink:



Yup, @GazB is correct. At time of writing Siri does not respond only to your voice.
Unless it is secure and significantly faster to use voice to send money then it’s just a gimmick.


Are there any plans to support Siri/voice-activated payment similar to Barclays/PayPal etc?

I understand this is a non-essential feature, however it removes an extra level of friction from the banking process.


We have a thread dedicated to this.

@JamesPratley can you move this?


With the recent announcement from Apple about Siri shortcuts is this likely to come back on the roadmap somewhere? It would be nice to be able to at the very least get balance enquiries via Siri. If you can set up trusted payees to trigger payments to even better.