Sign up confirmation for Business Accounts


Would it be possible to add a confirmation autoreply to the sign-up page for business bank account info on the website? I always find it slightly disconcerting when I sign up for something and don’t get a confirmation.


Yes it’s in the works. This will get added.


Hi, from when do you expect to be opening business accounts? I received an email saying I am signed up for early access, but I have no idea how far away that might be. thanks.


Hi Matt, Thank you for signing up. We expect accounts for business to be available in the new year, we will start by making our account available for sole traders and accounts for limited companies will come later in 2018.


When you say ‘…will come later in 2018’ in which quarter do you plan to release the ltd company accounts?


Hi, It’s always tricky to commit to an exact date but it is a priority for us in 2018 and so we hope sooner rather than later (I hope the first half).

Beta schedule?

I want to get my dads business signed up for this ASAP.


MMM I hear on the grapevine that a beta version of the business account is out there. Funny that as I was one of the first to sign up for the current account and first to sign up for the business account. WELL DONE STARLING ON GREAT CUSTOMER INCLUSION…How to reward your loyal customers.

My guess is they are giving the business beta accounts to locals with large balances as they say that they do not offer “other services to people with large overdrafts and perfect credit” but I have a friend who says differently…


As far as I was aware it was only open to internal Starling staff (see this tweet from Starling’s CTO) but… if @jasonwilkinsonbrown sees this and there is a closed alpha/beta… I know someone who’d be interested no matter how unstable it is :joy:


I’ve just had a chat with @anne and she says that we are testing specific use cases with friends and family and that we haven’t started inviting anyone from the wait list yet. We love your enthusiasm, and can’t wait to get the accounts up and running!


Thanks @SarahDeakin


Makes sense, thanks for the clarification @SarahDeakin