Showing Goals payment in Pulse


Question: I have a automatic £5.00 daily payment scheduled to move over to goals. This is deducted from the account available balance. Why does Pulse not show this as daily expenditure?


It’s not left your account. It’s been ring fenced within your account.


But it’s been visually been taken from available balance?

Removing it from the account balance and not accounting for where it’s gone to feels a bit strange.


Its in the transaction list as being moved, but you haven’t actually spent it which is what the pulse tracks.


As Brian said, it won’t show on the pulse because the money has not left your account, I personally would not want money going to and from goals to appear in the spending insights.

Goals are just sections of your account that are ring fenced from the main balance so when you send money to a goal it is not technically spent.


Yeah I understand that it’s not left the account, but it’s been removed from the balance and allocated elsewhere. Maybe I’m looking at it differently than it was designed to be.

My reasoning is that if my account is showing £15 in credit for instance, and I move £5.00 to a goal that is ring fenced and my balance is stating I have £10.00 remaining left to spend, how do I know where the £5.00 has gone? I could look in the statement but this doesn’t feel slick to me. It’d be much better if pulse told me where the balance was either spend or moved to. I just want pulse to reflect the activity.


I think there should be somewhere that displays your overall account balance, including goals.


Since pulse only shows a day view its useless. Say you move the cash, forget then log in the next day, you still wouldn’t know.


Pulse, the round circle thing? Is it me or is it near useless? I WAY prefer Monzo’s way of dealing with spend. I’ve never understood Pulse. I am willing to be educated though.


There is if you dig deep into the account details and view your interest rates, it does show your current balance including goals, but it is a hassle to get to and could be made a bit more visible


I agree the pulse doesn’t have much use to me either, but monzo’s graph or what ever they call it is just as useless to me.


you’re right! I think what i was thinking of was the spending list in monzo, which is just there, whereas starling you have to get rid of the useless circle to see the same thing.
I noticed Monzo have launched Summary via their “labs” feature. Now this looks like its going in the right direction as you can set payday and track stuff based on that.


This should be shown on the homescreen, I think its a bit of an omission at the moment


Or better still, as a widget…?


I like how Yolt have their main screen. Actual balance, smart balance (minus regular payments) and days to payday. And it only takes up a small part of the screen.


@Cragmireuk you picture isn’t showing.


Looks ok my end, I’ve added it again, if not, you can view it here -


is yolt compatible with starling?


yolt has supported starling since late 2017!


I tried this, it worked great with starling, but would not connect to my santander account, so it got deleted…