Showing declined transactions


It would be useful to show declined transactions in the list. I believe Monzo does this. Thanks.

Card declined?
Reversed Transaction
Notification history
Android Pay Declined

Plus the reason it got declined - if available.


The reason it was declined wouldn’t be cool, however a declined transaction wouldn’t be for me.

It would just fill up transactions feed with declined. Do legacy banks show declined?


I would also like declined transactions to show in app.


But for what reason… spending online tells you it was declined. I’m sure starling throws up a notification if you don’t have enough funds anyhow :+1:


Do you often get transactions declined? For me it’s something that happens say 2-3 times per year and in that case I would really like to know what went wrong.

EDIT: could also follow Monzo’s paradigm on this and offer a way to discard this notification once acknowledged.


I never get declined, but say you put number of reverse of card wrong it would decline. Them kind of notifications are awfully bad IMO

Unless Starling could make it so you could enable/disable it at anytime then I wouldn’t favour it


For me, it’s just a nice to have, not an nessasity!


Due to a slight (ok, huge) error by myself, my credit card direct debit bounced due to lack of funds, and I was very surprised and disappointed that Starling did not notify me.

More surprising was that earlier in the month, a similar situation was notified by the Starling app and I was given the opportunity to make funds available.

I’m not normally this bad, but I guess moving bank accounts around at the same time as paying for a Disney holiday is a bad idea :slight_smile:


I was notified when my partner used my card and I forgot to enable overdraft.

She tried to pay contactless at Sainsbury’s


Hi Colin, I’m sorry to hear we didn’t notify you on this occasion. Have you raised this issue with customer service via the app? If not I recommend you do so we can find out why that was.


No, I didn’t, as I’d forgotten about the previous notification until I was writing about it here. I shall report it.



I second this. Would be very useful.


I think this would be cool. As others have said, Monzo does this and I have found it to be useful. As things stand with legacy banks, it can be a little difficult to understand why transactions are declined - is it because I entered my card details wrong, because I don’t have enough money, or because it’s been flagged as potential fraud? It’d be good to get a notification to clarify things.


Yeah it would be good to see declined transactions but only ones where you entered your details correctly.


Yes this sounds by far a better idea! +1


+1 for this. As others say, it’s a nice to have, not a necessity.


I’m just bumping this thread, as I’d just been caught out in store. I’d basically had a decline on my card, so went on my phone, and saw a notification. I clicked on said notification, and it took me into the app, but with no clue as to what the notification was about. And once tapped, the notification had vanished. So unless you fully read the notification before tapping it, you’ll have no idea what the message was.

Just wondering if the notification mechanism you use in-app for displaying outage info could be used to display the decline message?

Oh, and just to note, the decline was all my fault. Nothing to do with Starling :blush:


Hello… Bumping again. I’ve got my dates mixed up and thought a payment was coming out tomorrow, which also happens to be pay day, so I didn’t bother making sure the funds were there.

Entirely my fault.

However… I got a notification and instantly clicked on it, as that’s what they are there for and what you do with EVERY OTHER APP EVER, but with Starling it just loads the app, disappears, and its gone forever! Fortunately I caught enough words to realise what it was. Normally I just click straight away. Is there any way a notification area could be added somewhere? This is a problem that has been brought up for months.


This happened to me today to in a local cafe.

Only saw the reversal after I left, tapped it an it disappeared.

I’d very much like to show them it didn’t go through so they can take payment again…