Show what you bought on transaction details



I realise this is a “long shot”, just an idea, might not be too easy to realise. But it would be awesome if when you buy something, for example at Amazon, the Starling transaction doesn’t just show that you bought from Amazon, but it showed the actual item(s) that you bought. I am sure Amazon must offer some sort of API for this for large businesses like Banks like Starling?

This would be particularly nice for large vendors, where you might buy loads of things and then don’t remember right away which was which, and because these large vendors have such big offerings (from food to clothes to electronics etc.). If I see a transaction from “Maplin” I know it probably was the cables I bought recently but if I see a transaction from “Amazon” in my transaction history it might be the cables but could also be food or a plant I recently bought.

And obviously there are tags or notes I could add manually to each transaction but that’s for obvious reasons not really practical, who wants to do this manually.


Amazon do offer an API, at the moment you can upload a receipt or a comment, but not exactly what you are mentioning.

I use Amazon a hell of a lot. so like the idea.


You could take a screenshot of the email or webpage detailing the transaction and attach that to the transaction in the Starling app.


I think this is essentially what Flux is trying to do. Paperless receipts that hold all of the info in the app.


Flux’s functionality is great but because it only supports EAT it is absolutely pointless outside of London.

Needs to be adopted by more companies.


And Costa coffee


Right, so this could maybe be done by Marketplace apps then. But in the case of Flux… Do you have to give them access to your whole transactions list/history? Or will they only see the transactions you make at EAT & Costa?
Because if using that Marketplace app means they get access to my whole account… then this is a huge fail and I for sure wouldn’t be so stupid and use that.


It is still new. I think we need to give them some time to link up with larger merchants like they have with Costa


I think they’re brilliant and I can’t wait until they integrate with Tesco/Sainsbury’s/M&S. The have access to data via the API.


Good point.


My point regarding Marketplace apps is what access to my account they get - I am concerned about that.

Anyway this is off-topic, this is about my original idea that Starling could integrate this directly (or, if via 3rd-party Marketplace app, then please take care of our privacy, Starling!).


Ooo didn’t know that one. If costa starts making decent coffee I’ll be sure to check it out lol


The problem with Flux it will only ever incorporate retailers that it can reach an agreement with, which is going to be a limited market, the fact its taken months just to add one retailer sort of says that.


Are these your hopes @LoganAllan or actual upcoming merchants? Do Flux have a roadmap you could link to? Struggling to find a community link on their site.


Hopefully they can sell themselves on the paperless and environmental friendly approach.

Of course that only apply a if the till knows not to print a receipt when a flux transaction is detected.

I explained to a staff member in Eat once how I already had the receipt and they were a little confused.


I like the idea, but it’s just a nice idea at the moment. Apart from a selected few Costa’s there has been no real movement with Flux, it should be trying online retailers that don’t actually issue receipts to offer it something unique, ie a receipt for an online purchase from a major retailer so you can track everything. Big companies are not going to be interested in spending time and money converting systems to something that has no real record, despite it being a good idea.


My hopes, but I feel that that this is what they’re working toward?