Show Sort Code & Account Number on Card Screen


Can these be displayed on the virtual card in the app, instead of buried in a sub menu?


As the sort code doesn’t appear of the real card, would that not be confusing?


They could add it to the actual card too for me.

Just annoying if it’s buried if you need it to set up a payment or something (it’s not on the real card and you have to go through a menu etc just to find it).


Maybe just putting the account details and card info on the same page would suffice?


So long as it’s visible somewhere that’d do it


I’ve written the sort code on the signature strip of the card.


Yep I’ve just tried to set up regular payment into my starling account Andy as I didn’t have the sort code on my card I spent ages looking for it in the App. Either put it on the card or make it easily visible.


I’d stick it on the home page of the app


I’d really like to see this info on the homepage. It’s annoying having to look around the app for such important details when it’s often that I need them.


Totally Agree, seems odd that its not.


On Android it’s either 1 tap by pressing the + next to your balance or 2 by pressing hamburger (or swiping from the left) and then account management.


Same on iOS. For that reason, no need to clutter the home page, methinks.