Show reversed payments in the feed


Starling go on about how the money come sout of your account straight away… No surprises…
Well it a surprise when it’s sent back into your account two weeks later and there’s then no record of that purchase anywhere or where it was or when it’s going to come out again In the future. And. Before you all go on about how all banks do this… Most banks put it in holding or pending so you can’t spend the money and it’s saved there until collected. I have four things now which I just have to “remember about” two of which I didn’t know about… Because I missed the tiny notification on my phone… Its ridiculous.


The problem is with a large payment processor that a lot of companies use. There has been an error that has led to transactions being reversed when they shouldn’t have. This doesn’t just affect Starling, customers of other banks have experienced the same thing this weekend. The upshot is that, where it would appear as pending and your available balance would be reduced, it’s no longer pending. This is the same for customers of other banks.

I agree that there needs to be a record that you can refer to once the notification has disappeared.


I do think that this highlights the fact that Starling need to place reversals/declines in the transaction feed or have a dedicated notification centre for this information.
Once I’d carelessly clicked on the reversal notification, it was gone, never to be seen again. Luckily it was only one transaction of £1.40 - but what if it had been a larger number of transactions at a higher value? There definitely needs to be a record screen implemented!


Hi all!

For now some merchants are having an issue which reverses the payments, see these threads…


On a separate note, I’ll suggest this idea to the team :slight_smile:


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I know James / Starling have replied already about the topic, but just want to add my own 2 pence to the ring.

Having somewhere to log these reversals, and indeed their original transaction is super important. I’ve just had a few transactions that must have previously been reversed come back, and bring my account overdrawn, then followed by a message that my account is overdrawn and please top up.

The main thing I love about Starling is the transparency in the app - I can see what I spent immediately, even if it is pending. When these reversals come back I literally have no method of tallying that back up with it’s original transaction - and I’m sure there was no corresponding notification that these pending transactions got cancelled/reversed or whatever else.

I know the current mass of these transactions is due to a specific payment provider, but please do implement a better mechanisms of an audit trail of these things.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Starling actually offer nothing more than most main stream banks with what it shows. In fact a few banks show cancelled or reversed transactions already. Even Barclays introduced its pending transaction tracking feature this year.

It’s an important feature, we all want to know where our money goes or comes from, o I hope they do actually implement it.