Show me your home screen


So what lucky apps have taken place on your home screen?




Well, here’s mine. :slight_smile: (I didn’t know you could post without any text with just an image, well the more you know!?) :stuck_out_tongue:



Ohh I just love the organised folders


Starling has a place on my home screen - my other banking apps are in a folder :nerd_face:


Wow that’s busy!!

You might want to set aside a few hours to run thru those emails!!!


I just love that we have a thread dedicated to our home screens. So how do we decide the winner :see_no_evil:


With Starling, we’re all winners!!


Me as I’m the only Android user so far. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

OK, OK. I prefer @Citibadger 's answer…


If it’s inportant enough, they’ll email again.


Christ, man. That’s a busy screen!

Those emails though are making me sweat.


Always my mantra at work!!


I could not have unread emails like that on my iPhone haha




This text will be blurred


So Starling is the little birdy bottom left and the two either side are also banking apps I use! It’s obvious once you’re accustomed to my choice of icon :joy: Still one of my favourite photos of Paris! And love a good quote on rotate everyday. Good one today haha.


Please clear the voicemail notification :tired_face: Flipboard is one of my favourite apps :+1:t2:



I was working on @Johnny idea of if it’s important enough they’ll call back!!!


Our OCD’s are in sync. Lol