Show local ATMs on a map


What do people think about having an option to view nearby ATMs on a map in the app?


This seems like a good idea for those who use ATMs and I can’t see why not to add the option of an ATM locator. The only potential issue I can see is that ATM location data isn’t always available as open data, so Starling may need to license data for comprehensive coverage including third-party ATMs.


I suppose it could be handy, but personally not too fussed.


Yes, but further down the line…


We have done an early prototype on this and so I’m sure we’ll add this to the card management features - we’re working through the list :slight_smile:


There is the MasterCard app with the ATM locator, but to be fair it’s a car crash!

It doesn’t pick up my nearest ATM, but picks up some really random ATM’s plus some where there isn’t one!! If Starling can make it more accurate I’d welcome it.


Looks like this forum is developing nicely into a rich source of ideas.

This is going to be one awesome bank, methinks!


Doesn’t Google Maps (and Apple Maps) already do this though?


I know of 3 machines in my small town. Only the Link ATM finder is nearly accurate - it’s aware of all 3 ATMs, but one pin is about 50 meters out of place. Neither Apple nor Google maps are aware of any ATMs. Mastercard’s ATM locator show two, although one of those locations is about 1¼ miles off where it actually is.

Inaccurate information is worse than no information at all. So if an ATM locator is going to be added to the app, please ensure the data source is good.


Playing Devil’s advocate here though - as Starling don’t have their own ATM network, at best they’ll just use a database provided by another company (probably Link).

So, if even Link isn’t 100% accurate, I don’t see how Starling would be either - they wont be going out and mapping them all themselves.

I personally feel that Starling, as a bank, is more geared up for it’s customers to not use cash as much (and therefore need ATM’s). There’s restrictions on the amount of times you can use it a day, and features such as the ‘Pulse’ view don’t work if all you do is take cash out and spend that directly. So, maybe they shouldn’t be encouraging ATM use anyway?

I’m not sure if the Marketplace would be geared up for this - but for this feature I’d rather see them just have a link to an existing 3rd party app or service that provides this info rather than spend time, effort and money with their development team in re-inventing the wheel.