Show Historical Category Data


The categories are a particularly useful function, and one that could become quite powerful with a little enhancement once some historical data is built up in the app.

Rather than swipe back each month to view a figure / % of spend, it would be useful to be able to see a visual indication of spend by category this month vs last month, and going backward historically.

I’m not sure exactly how this could work, but perhaps something like a historical line or bar graph in the category page.

This could be particularly powerful when categories are made ‘sticky’, - and even more so if they can be customised by the user.

An example might be that a custom category could be ‘stuck’ to a particular merchant or group of merchants (perhaps a chain store?) that I spend at frequently, and want to track either individually or as a custom group.

I could then easily see a visual historical graph of spend at that retailer or category at a glance.

Once historical analytics can be integrated (whether this is by merchant / category/ group), this then opens up options of related functions - such as setting a budget or customised spend alerts per category.

Hope I’m making sense here and others apart from me would find this useful :slight_smile:


Actually, maybe custom categories might over complicate this. How about transaction tagging and reporting instead?


Hi David,

Thanks for the feedback - we’ve been thinking about something like this. We started by launching the current Insights view because we thought it would be useful for customers as soon as they start using their card, but the longer term historical tracking would require a number of months spending history before it became useful. Therefore, we’re looking at adding Spending History in a couple of months, after we’ve launched Savings Goals and some of the other features we outlined in our roadmap.



Hi @ben.chisell
Its been more than a couple of months now…
Has this feature been released and I haven’t found it?