Show card network information & address on transaction details


What I have in mind is showing Tesco for a Tesco transaction on normal feed but when pressing on transaction, along with other details also show e.g. TESCO STORES 12345 or whatever else was provided by card network.

This is how it’s done by both Monzo and my legacy bank and I think it’s something useful. Especially in cases where no transaction map is provided and you and up just having a “Tesco” without any other transaction information.

EDIT: Can I also suggest you show the actual address along with the map pin? That would also be helpful!


The address is shown on android, totally agree with shopping at likes of Tesco to display the store number. :sunglasses:

Transactions with full references

On iOS there is no address shown :confused:


We’ll be adding the address into the iOS app in the next week or so.

We’ve been debating whether we should show the full transaction reference on the screen for card payments but worth getting some feedback here!

The main case we know of is when you have a verification code for something like PayPal, however we felt that rather than just show a long reference, we’d prefer to extract the code and present it in a more friendly way (hopefully anyone who has connected PayPal to their Starling card seen this). I’d be open to extracting the store numbers for supermarkets too if that’s helpful.

Aside from those cases, and for Direct Debits, are there any other examples you have of a card payment reference helping you do something?


I have with PayPal when I connected my card it came though this which was really helpful.


When everything works great and pins, addresses and the like show up on a transaction, there is no need for that. Sometimes though the system doesn’t work as expected and only returns a name with no other information. For those cases alone I think that getting the row data (even if that’s an option under …) is a good idea.

Sometimes it’s better to make a -slightly- less pretty interface that’s providing more information than just a pretty one. Imagine the case where another, less-known, app is providing verification codes a la PayPal and users have to contact support in order to get that…


Case in point: I used my card four times in the last 24 hours, I got 2 logos and 1 map pin in total. When you get pins for most if not all transactions, it will not be that needed. Until then…


My PayPal logo don’t show. I’m slightly jealous now :smirk:


Least you have the maps we don’t have that in iOS yet.


Where there are maps, they show in both OSes. Problem is that many places still miss map pins in general :confused:


Maps for me works great on iOS, but yeah the address etc of Tesco will be great to see when you press it for more information


@cgkr - can you have another scan through your transactions? We made some updates last week that should improve the coverage of maps (no promises though).


Hi Ben. It’s a lot better now but still quite a few missing. Another suggestion: in places that are called “The xxx” and do not have a logo assigned, skip the “The” when choosing a name for the auto-generated logo. Half my feed has the same logo now :joy:


@ben.chisell I still have a few map pins missing.
And problem is even when I’m speaking to your support, I cannot really tell them any more than just “there is a Costa without a map pin”, no transaction ID or anything similar.


Please do! Received a credit to my account which had the wrong payment information, google search turned up no results. Had to create an in app chat which took a couple of days to get the correct reference


I think there’s less reason to have the full transaction reference when the map pins are working correctly. The problem is at the moment they don’t.

I withdrew cash from a NatWest cash machine outside the Morrisons in Bramley, Rotherham and the map pin is showing up one of Barlcaycard’s regional offices in Northampton!

Some others are ‘close but no cigar’, you could say I’m being picky with these but the details are important:


As per @sarah.guha’s comments below, I have some negative feedback to provide

Hidden to save space

Initially received the 2 below credits to my account.

I wasn’t sure what they where, so googled the name which didn’t help. Started an in app chat and was advised they would look into to. Next day was advised the ‘PaySafe’ should be ‘WorldPay’ again doesn’t help. I speak to CS again and receive a response on Monday (original issue was reported on Thursday at 7am) and was advised of the correct reference details.

If the transaction had the full reference used at the bottom of the transaction view, it would have saved myself 4 days of wondering if someone ‘hacked’ my card or account and assume several hours of Starling man hours looking for the correct reference details.

Just an idea, but think it makes sense should the transaction name fail to translate to something identifiable


Sorry to hear it took you a while to find out what the transaction was. We’ll definitely take this onboard and ensure we enrich our transactions with relevant information to you can identify it. Out of interest, what was it in the reference that gave you the moment of realisation of what it was? I commonly triangulate the merchant name, the location and the day/time to identify something. Can I assume in this case the reference contained something associated to what you would have known as the retailer?


So the actual reference was ‘15891278 SONY CAS’ which I found out from CS; without that reference I would have no idea as PaySafe are payment processor from my quick google search.

In the app itself, the information is very limited:

Chat summary


Ok very useful, thank you for sharing this with me.


I’m not sure if this is the correct thread, but I’ve just come across an issue trying to confirm my replacement card with PayPal. The Android app transaction list doesn’t show the verification code:

Luckily I could get it using my own app which shows me transaction details using the API