Show card details in app before card arrives


I am new to Starling and still waiting for my card to arrive (3 days to go), it would be great if Starling could you you the card details in the app before the physical card arrives so you can use the card online and get started with your new account instantly.


I thought you can already? At least on the iOS version?


Hi Matt,

I’m afraid we don’t show these details before the card arrives as we use some of these details for the activation process. Once the card has arrived you will be able to see all the details on the card screen. :slight_smile:


I agree this would be amazing. Please rethink the decision not to do it. Barclaycard allow you to do this and it’s really useful. Can also add straight into android pay and don’t need to wait for a physical card!


As far as I am aware this is coming… @Megan_Caywood are you able to confirm?


I think the issue he is around fraud - if the card is taken from the post but you have already activated it in app then that creates an issue. I wonder if the way around this would be to limit card use to only Apple/Android pay prior to activation?


@JamesPratley But isn’t this completely the opposite of what is said in the 12 month Roadmap?

No card yet? No problem

We know people are excited to be joining Starling and so we want to make it as easy and quick as possible for new customers to start using the account. In coming months, you will have virtual cards ready and waiting for you to use right away — so no more waiting for your card to arrive in the post before you add your card to JustEat, update it on Netflix, and shop on Amazon.


We’re working towards that, but for now it’s still being explored. Sorry if that was unclear!


How about having 2 cards.

  1. Virtual card for use online only and active as soon as you open the account

  2. Physical card sent in the mail and activated as you do now


Thanks for the suggestion, Matt! :slight_smile:


Thanks guys - this is on our roadmap. We are partially there for iOS, but we still need to introduce virtual cards for Android to allow you to pay before you receive your physical card. I’ll update you when this is in progress and we have a better idea of an availability date.