Show balance in spend notifications


I guess that widgets for both Android and iOS will appear at some point, but how about adding the current balance amount to the transaction notifications that we already receive?

Sure, you can open up the app to check your balance but it would be more convenient to see this in the notification, to save unlocking you phone and logging into the app.


This is one of those ideas that I didn’t even see a hint of on the horizon, and am immediately blown away by how much I love it!

A notification saying, “You spent £26.07 in Tesco. Your remaining balance is now £2,455,347,998,643.01”

I second this. With gusto! :smirk:


This is definitely something we could do, but I wonder if all customers would want this? It would mean if a notification came up on your phone anyone who could see it would see what your balance was… how private is your account balance?


I guess this would be an issue for some people, but if this was changed then could there be an on/off toggle in settings, for those who don’t want it?


Monese have it and it can be turned on and off in the app settings.


I’d like it, as long as we have the ability to switch on / off in-app.


Definitely a good idea. As mentioned make it an option you can toggle on/off. Other people seeing your balance popping up might be an issue for some but then I have a similar problem with every purchase I make at Ann Summers using my Starling card.


I also agree and would like this. This would be very useful. People silence notifications when they’re sensitive, and can be set at an OS level. This would be a nice touch and also something Monzo do.


Not sure how you prefer a +1 on this, so I commented and liked :smiley:


Same here i asked for this .they daid they would pasa on tbe feedback…i hate trying to guess balances, also atatements have to be downloaded …so a pain to keep tabs