Show all account events (declines, card checks etc)


I just got a notification that (can’t remember the exact wording) a transaction had been reversed. I had never gotten a notification of the “forward” transaction. Going in to the app explained nothing.

Based on what I was doing moments earlier, I know this was probably a “valid card” check by a merchant.

Monzo show the full details of this kind of thing. Traditional banks don’t, but I’d love for starling to tell me everything that happens on my back account, including checks and declines.

(edit: many minutes later, I got a notification for the “forward” transaction, which of course was not displayed in starling)


on a related issue of showing all events, how about toggles so you can view in your timeline just incoming, just outgoing, finalised, pending.?


Search or filters are definitely something we’ll be developing further. Imagine these might fall into that if they are a useful way to search or check your transactions.


That most definately would help with the day to day maintenance of finances


Yes a search function is very handy. I have it on my account now and I do find it quite useful.