Should I Switch to Starling


Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking if Starling is ready to be my current account and the answer is, Not Yet.

One reason is that to close down my current service, I’d have to find a home for other savings products that Starling currently doesn’t have. While a nuisance, it isn’t a deal breaker but combined with what I see as limiting functionality of the app, it means that now isn’t the time.

For me, budgeting capability needs to be part of the app. It’s great that transactions get categorised and I can see how much I’ve spent per category and merchant. However, I can’t set a budget in app and know what % I’ve used so far during the month.

Yes, I can do this using Yolt but if I have to go to another app to do things like this, then I can just as easily do it for my existing account and save myself the hassles of switching.

Your thoughts?


Totally understand your take on it. Knowing this was a whole new banking solution in the making, I wanted to be in but knew it wouldn’t be the finished article - after all, how could it be? :flushed:

I opened the account in May, used the card, and got immediately blown away by immediate notifications - a game changer.

With savings elsewhere, I didn’t have that as an issue. A full switch happened in June, I think, and that was pretty much that.

For me the journey is what it’s all about. Being with like-minded users who want to impact the final current account is fascinating.

Nothing stopping you having a Starling account as a secondary option, and having influence in the development.


Graham :clap:t2:


I’m not going to be closing the account, I’m going to continue using it. I
think that it has the potential to be fantastic.

Ideally, my current account would be the portal that I can use to manage
all aspects of my finances. If that’s not possible, then a service like
Yolt would become the primary tool.


Good to have you aboard. :slightly_smiling_face:


One thing that is putting me off is not being able to have access to my funds if my mobile phone was stolen or broken. This happened to me before and I guess its like the anxiety an electric car owner has when they embark on a long journey!


There is a benefit to using Starling with Yolt over other banks at the moment, in that Starling uses the APIs rather than screen scraping so you don’t need to hand over login details. We can only hope that will become less of an issue over the next few months.

I think it’s pretty standard to have a legacy account alongside your Starling one though to fill in the gaps. I know I do.


I was a bit worried when I saw monies going to “Holiday Inn” in Yolt. When I looked closer it was a transfer from my Nationwide account to a Starling goal I called “Holiday”! :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t you have the same issue with a legacy bank though? I mean if both your phone and card are stolen you are pretty much out of luck until you get a replacement.

In case of Starling it’s actually better as they provision Apple Pay immediately from within the app, so you can get back your access just by getting/borrowing a new phone and installing the app. Login can be a bit of a pain (and you’d need to get a SIM card with your number or a way of getting the login SMS) but still better than waiting for a new card in the post like with legacy banking.


As soon as I switched to starling I got phone insurance :rofl:


I get it, but…

What bank does offer this? What banking app would you be foregoing to get onboard with Starling (and its other benefits) ro receive those?


API or screen scraping, you still need to give permissions for a 3rd party
to access your data. If budgeting is available from within my bank account,
I wouldn’t need to to let a 3rd party access my stuff. And, maybe, the bank
would be the portal for other services. In my view, that would be a great
selling point for a bank.

At the moment, I agree that it’s sensible to keep both a challenger and
legacy bank account. That’s not where I want to be in 12-18 months, I want
to have a single current account.


I requested a switch over from my current bank but Starling told me that it not available at my current bank. I checked with my bank and they told me that they were members of the switch over program. What is wrong Starling? Can you not research properly? It only took me two minutes.


Hi @Elhug I can see Starling CS contacted you in December, but have not had a response since. Can you please get in touch via the app letting us know which old bank you are referring to. We’re here to help!


In December I was told, I have the mail, that the bank I proposed to switch
with , Bank of Ireland Uk was not on the list of banks who entertained the
switching service.
I am not aware of any other mails from Starling Bank.
If you are able to find that Bank of Ireland Uk is a member of the
switching group, as I easily have, please do not switch.
I have decided not to continue with Starling. If such a simple mistake like
this can be made, I do not believe that I could trust the bank.

Hugh Faloona


Hi Hugh, can you please send the mail to me at
I wasn’t able to see this conversation linked to your account.
The message sent to you by CS will be in the Customer Service section of your Starling app.
Happy to follow up, and don’t want to lose you as a customer.


I’ve checked, and Bank of Ireland UK appears on this list -


Yes, I have checked this myself and do not understand why my request was
rejected. Unfortunately now my account is not in the black. I will have
that sorted very soon.

Hugh Faloona