Short name for business


Would be good if when setting up the business account if you could choose a short name for your business for when it appears on your card. My business name registered with HMRC is Stephen McDonald Photography but on the card it says Stephen McDonald for Stephen McDonald as the name was probably too long.


I was thinking exactly the same thing yesterday, as I my business name was unexpectedly truncated too.


the hideous coral bank asks you for a “preferred name”. It’s imho a great way for dealing with long legal names and capitalisation issues.


Haha for a moment there I had to think who you were referring to! :joy:


It should maybe give you an option if your registered name is too long to change it or suggest a truncated version. I would assume Starling would have to ensure it’s relevant to your real business name or trading name though.


of course it would need to be verified by a human as with everything else in the onboarding process