Shared pots



Apologies if thread has already been made on this topic, I tried searching for shared pots but couldn’t see anything.

What if you could set up a shared pot and invite people to it. Say for example you have a group of 6 people who are chipping in £10 each to buy a shared friend A a birthday present. You could set up a pot called “A’s Birthday”, set the target to £60 and invite the other 5 Starling users to it. As the pot owner you have the main responsibility for the pot. When the pot members send their £10 into the pot, which is effectively a transfer to the pot owners account, the other users in the pot can see this and get a notification. So each pot member can look at whose paid an when etc. Once the pot goal is reached the pot owner can spend the £60 from that pot to buy the present. This would make it super easy to keep track of who has paid up and gives transparency and accountability. This could also be used for group holidays, group rent deposits etc.

I believe Monzo are working on this and I think it looks like a great feature.


It’s a great idea @Harry_M and one that has been suggested a few times in the community. Fingers crossed it’s something that Starling are working on, I don’t believe there has been any official word on it.


Oh ok, sorry for repeating. Yes, fingers crossed then!


The idea is nice, but only works if everyone is using Starling, which isn’t going to work in the majority of situations.

Adapting Settle up to be able to give a viewable link for those not with Starling and showing in the app for those with Starling would be more effective.


This is a good point Daedal, this would be a bit limited. That’s a good idea with the Settle Up link, so the payments made via these links will still be viewable in the pot by the other members of the pot who do have Starling, right?

Perhaps this would also encourage more being to get Starling!


Love this idea - certainly something that’s on our list but not timescales at the moment. I really like the idea of Settle Up to a Goal for non-Starling friends too. Nice suggestion! :clap: