Share transaction and attachments


Unfortunately I’m not having much luck with this…

Just seems to get stuck on the loading window and never produce the goods. It’s the same with fresh transactions and those that definitely cleared a little while back.

Share Transaction

I can confirm it’s working OK on Android (Pixel 2 XL running Android 8.1 Oreo).



A bug sneaked in. To remedy, attach at least one image (receipts or anything) and it will pick it all up.

Share Transaction

Yep - looks the same for me, with an attachment all good, without no joy.

Perhaps the attach icon name could be change to share/attach or something else?


Hi @Kris. Seems that only works for transactions that have an image. Doesn’t seem to work for historical or new transactions with a note.

For some reason I had expected the transaction share to be an image rather than text but it makes sense. Guess it’s something that will develop as time goes on!


The most probable use case is attaching a receipt to a transaction. But it can be a product photo, any image really. You can add as many images as you want to each transaction.

You can then tap each image and share them individually. There is a share icon at the top right corner of the screen.


I think I’ve spotted a bug.

When going in to a transaction, and clicking on ‘Attach’ and then ‘Share Transaction and Attachments’, I just get the spinning Starling ‘thinking’ icon and I have to force close the app to get out of this screen.


Also, just a polite request, surely ‘attachment’ below should be capitalised in-line with the rest of the same headings? It could also be argued that ‘From’ should be lowercase, but that one could be either way? Sorry but we’re in the persuit of perfection!



I got the same issue on iOS. @StarlingSupport can this be checked if this a bug?


iOS here too! However, I’ve just tried it on my work android and this works fine.

On a side note, the use of the capital on ‘Attachment’ is correct on Android.

Don’t get me started about the inconsistent use of ‘and’ and ‘&’!!!


It’s a bug they are aware off


Our iOS devs are aware of it. Kris and his team will get it sorted :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Adrian,

we fixed this 2 days ago, it’s going to be in 0.54. incl. the capital “A”.


@Kris Thanks!


@kris do you know if the “Interest” screen has been similarly fixed? Both credit interest and overdraft interest are quoted as “AER”, whereas the overdraft interest should be quoted as “EAR”.


This is just sloppy, Starling. Yet another basic feature released with two very obvious bugs/rough edges. Was this tested at all?? Very unprofessional. Both could easily have been picked up before launch if there was an open beta testing group.