Share details of a transaction


When sending money to people who don’t have instant notification of receiving money like a Starling customer does(!), it’s nice to be able to share details of the transaction to let them know you’ve paid them. Like a ‘proof of postage’ from the Post Office.

It would be nice if, for any transaction, you could ‘share details’ which would then generate a small, Starling-branded PNG/JPG file with all relevant info (date,time,amount,recipient details,reference,Faster Payment status?) that you could share onwards (WhatsApp, email etc).

I’m aware of the Share Transaction feature once you have attached e.g. a receipt, but that’s not quite what I’m after.


If I had to do that, I’d just send a screenshot - It’s probably the same amount of hassle as a share button (maybe slightly more).


I would appreciate this, kind of a mini-statement showing all details of the transacation in question with an official header within a PDF?


Nice idea I probably wouldn’t use it myself, with faster payments it’s never really an issue nowadays, unless there is an issue with the system, then a screenshot works, although its a hassle turning screenshots on in the app.


Doing a screenshot of the transaction details doesn’t actually make it clear that this was a transaction, or where it has come from. Plus, as pointed out, screenshots need enabling first.

Faster Payments might get it to the destination account quickly, but if they can’t get quick access to their account (e.g. legacy bank with a rubbish app) then it’s not so easy for them to see that. If you can demonstrate it from your end by providing a transaction receipt with confirmation from the recipient bank that it’s been received, then they know the money is in their account.