"Share Account Details": Strange Red/White Image?



On the iOS app, when I go to Account Management > Account Details > Share Account Details > Share and then choose a sharing method such as “Message”, it seems to include a strange white/red image along with the details. It looks like a flag. What is this? Is it a bug? I end up having to manually delete it every time.

(Not real account numbers)


Doesn’t do that on Android, so must be iOS specific.


Same here here on iOS. Can @StarlingSupport advise what this is?


Same for me on iOS.

iPhone 8 plus iOS 11.4

Starling App - latest version.


I get it as well.

According to my vast knowledge of flags and definitely not the fact that I used Google reverse image search, it looks like the Tahitian flag.

I have raised it with our iOS devs :+1:t3:


Latvian flag :wink: :latvia:


Ah no! When Google fails me. It could be the fact that I’m up at 6am looking at red and white flags :man_facepalming:t3:


leaving the shade of red issue aside, Austria’s stripes have the same height. Latvia is the only where the centre stripe is narrower than the others


Great flag knowledge all. Very interested to hear what is causing this unusual bug.


I too thought it was the Latvian flag as soon as I saw it!


Nice flag knowledge and good spot, this will be removed in the next build. Our devs were testing sharing images and their test made it to our release build, it will be rolled back.


Doh! :confounded: I hope the Android devs have a stricter sign-off process! :wink:


This one should now be fixed! :slight_smile:


It is :slight_smile:


which flag do you get now?


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