Settle Up for Business


I am a small sole trader and can’t wait for Starling Business to be available for freelancers.

I would love Settle Up functions for businesses. The ability to allow my customers to pay by card without me having to mess around setting up Stripe and PayPal payment pages.

I get this has a cost for Starling but just like Stripe and PayPal I’d be happy for Starling to pass this along on business payments and deduct Starlings costs for processing from my payment.


I’d like to see this feature too!

For accounting purposes, or just recognition of transaction amounts, I’d rather have the full amount of any payments, and have Starling deduct fees separately. Either with each Settle Up transaction, or in a batch on a weekly/monthly basis.


I agree. It’d be one less transfer from PayPal to my business account in Starling.

Also, occasionally, PayPal really do take the full 72 hours (as they are currently doing with one of my transfers from PayPal to Starling) which is not helpful! 3 days to push monies from one account to another all in the same name!


I’d love to have the option to accept credit card payments via Starling (would need ton integrate with WHMCS), would be happy to pay a transaction fee as no doubt would be more cost effective than using 3rd parties like stripe etc.


Would be brilliant to be able to do add an easy link on to PDF invoices. No more excuses about “I can’t remember the login details for banking, I’ll do it tomorrow!”


I don’t use Settle up generally, but for my sole trader account it would be a great addition. Sending a link form a bank for someone to pay, seems quick and efficient to most people I would assume.


I’ll check this with our Product Team to see if there are plans to introduce this feature for Business Accounts as it certainly would be a valuable tool for both business and sole trader accounts. Thank you