Settle Up Feedback


So in work today a number of us decided to get Pizza for lunch. I offered to pay the bill online as I thought it was a perfect opportunity to try the new Settle Up feature.

Worked well apart from one Nat West user who paid but is still to hit my account 6 hours later. Is this normal?

The other 7 people paid and I got an instant notification.

Views around the office were it was a nifty idea and who did I bank with.


Did the NatWest guy get a confrontation email from Starling? If not, the payment likely didn’t go through.


I will check in the morning.


Glad you’re putting it to the test @Jon.
@MrRobot is right. Best check if the sender received a confirmation email.
If yes, then please do get in touch with CS and we will dig deeper.


When I requested payment from a friend it was flagged as fraud with their bank (First Direct). The transaction showed as “Payment Processing” on the settle up web page but he got a declined email after a few hours. Might be worth checking with the senders bank :smiley:


You don’t work with the cleverest of people, do you (surely the clue is in the URL?)


I think I prefer Google Pay Send


Snappy name


:joy: :joy: Sounds like Tarzan named it! :joy: :joy:

I think they only just opted for that over “Money Me Want”.


New Feature request: Toggle Tarzan Naming in options.