Settle Up API


Hey Starling Team,

I was going to tweet about this but do you think there will be a way we can use the API with SettleUp to get payments from friends and family? I know it would be great to sort a list of payments out this way with a list for parties, events etc

It would also be great to see a payment gateway made with this that could integrate with things like WooCommerce to help small businesses


Hi Gareth, I’ve passed the suggestion of incorporating this into the API to the team. We’re committed to making sure we’re delivering features to help small businesses, and some form of card acceptance may be considered in the future. Thanks for the great suggestions.


Hi Charlotte

Thanks! I just think with API access we could do a fair few things. At least getting a programmable way of collecting payments would be great or even a simple CSV import for now to create some links would be great