Settle-Up 2.0 - true transaction splitting


Here is how settle up works now:
Friends A and B go to “Pizza place”, have lunch, friend A pays the £15 bill, taps split the payment and sends settle-up to friend B and gets £7.50 back.
Friend A has:

  • £15 spent at “Pizza place” under Eating Out category
  • £7.50 income from friend B under Income category

Friend B has £7.50 expense under Payment category

What would be ideal is to send some metadata with the settle-up request about what this request is about and then to virtually collate the transactions so that in the end both friends have £7.50 spent at “Pizza place” under Eating out category.


That’s a brilliant idea, love it! :+1:t2:


How about in the circumstance that Friend B is not using Starling? :thinking:


An option to switch to a better bank is presented.


You’re good. Very good indeed!


Friend B would just see it as a payment as they do now. Friend A would see the benefit regardless.


Great day idea. It’s just how it should work.