Service Status now in the app


Good stuff.



Beat me to it. I really like this feature. Elegant.


Trick will be making sure it is updated when things happen. BUT l really do like it.


Nice little improvement to inform you all about any issues in the system. Thre is no better media to do this than the app itself. :hugs:

It will also light up green again if there is an update to the active notification :eight_spoked_asterisk:


Great work @Kris.


Thanks! Well designed :slight_smile:


Something similar to log refunds and declines in the future would also be ace. :smiley:


Love the way the app looks and continued design decisions. Very clean and minimal but functional - hope it stays this way!


I’m LIKING this a lot :ok_hand:t2:


This is brilliant. The push notification. Everything. Brilliant. Thanks.


Agreed :grinning:


Agreed. Starling has been much criticized for its app being too legacy. However, I have always born in mind that Starling is beta, with a long-term game plan. It have to say it works for me and I think I see steady improvement and a team which is not ‘feather down’ not blown around by the passing current, not deflected from its game plan. I like that, it gives me confidence that my trust, as a customer ,is not misplaced.


This is really well implemented, well done!