Service disruption accessing the app | 26/07/2018


:information_source:️ We are aware of an issue which is affecting access to the app and with certain card payments declining - please retry. We are looking into the issue urgently. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Unable to sign back up to app

Thanks for the speedy acknowledgement and letting us all know. :slight_smile:


Will this affect card transactions?


Can the status page be updated?


My app is almost back to normal. But not quite


Only certain card payments. Sorry about that!


Update: Services are back online and you should now be able to access the app again. We continue to be monitoring the situation and apologise again for any inconvenience caused!

Big glitches - scheduled payments and balance

What about card payments? Both Apple Pay and Chip and Pin are down for me. Raised a chat in the app the person dealing with doesn’t seem to be aware of this.


Thanks for update.

Please can you let us know likely reoccurrence of the outage?

Would it have been possible to notify effected customers in advance of them trying to use card (eg app notification/ email / sms)?



Just been told this was a firewall issue.

Thought these systems were distributed to avoid this kind of issue. Seems not.


Back in the app here. Thanks for speedy fix.


This kind of thing should really be reflected on the status page…


Nothing new here, I complained about the lack of updates in this thread and nothing has been done, I didn’t even get a reply from @JamesPratley as to why they refuse to update it.


I honestly thought they had finally taken the whole status page/transparency issue on board? Guess not :confused:


Just to reassure you, this was not the case.


Where’s that from Jon?


The CS agent told me in the chat


Then why did your CS tell me in the chat it was an issue with a firewall?


Hey Jon,

Sorry about that - we’re picking this up with CS to figure out why that was miscommunicated. Rest assured it wasn’t a firewall issue though :slight_smile:


Right now I’m having trouble trusting anything Starling say in times of outage. Your record speaks for itself.