Separate Scheduled Payments


Is there anyway to make the scheduled payments between direct debit and standing orders more clear.

They could be split into two lists. It’d also be good if there was some type of marker to show any payments as paid for the current month so you can easily see what still has to come off.


Hey Brian,

Could you tell me a bit more about why you want them separated?
Also, can I confirm if you are on iOS or Android?


@kjersti.larsen I’m on iOS would like to there to be clarity between SO and DD. Maybe under the amount on the right it says SO/DD (unless that space is being used for something else?


Thanks for the suggestion. Can you tell me a bit more about why you want STOs and DD separated at the high level overview you’re talking about?



I’d like them separated as I have quite a few DD’s and SO’s so it can be confusing knowing which is which, I also find myself going through them mid month checking what is still to come off. Something simple like below and can use a simple box similar to the Starling that next to your name on this community showing (Month Paid)

Hope I make sense. :slight_smile:

Direct Debits
British Gas
Direct Line - June Paid

Standing Orders
PKC Council Tax


I’m not sure I understand why this is confusing? Why do you need to know the mechanism for the debit, at the end of the day, they are both payments due out on a certain day…


I like the way Barclays do direct debits and standing orders, just a simple click of a button and you see either direct debits or standing orders that are sortable.

Makes managing them easier especially if you have a large number