SEPA € (Receiving)


I need to send some money from my German account to the UK - I notice on my statement there is a BIC and IBAN but I saw an old post saying Starling can’t receive SEPA credits. Is this still true or has it been sorted? Doing a swift payment has charges and SEPA is free.


Try contacting CS direct

I’m sure that they will respond sharpish


Check with CS but I had a 3rd party try and pay me euros and told me the payment had been rejected. I believe they were sending a SEPA. However it could have been the sender messing the transfer up.


Please double check with CS.


I’m sure you already know this, but consider using Transferwise if Starling cannot accept the payment directly.

I did exactly the reverse of what you’re doing - I transferred money from Starling to N26 and it arrived in Germany the same day via this route. And it was pretty cheap.


Agreed. I’ve found Transferwise both simple and very inexpensive.


Thanks Rob, yeah I’ll be using TransferWise. It’s just that a SEPA payment
from the DE account is as easy as making a faster payment here and since
it’s only for a wee amount the rates aren’t hugely important.

Big fan of TransferWise though :slight_smile:


I’ve used it on numerous occasions for transferring funds into Germany

Worked brilliantly and now the new app is even better than ever


They’ve recently changed their pricing structure too making it even cheaper to send money to the eurozone, it’s now £0.80 + 0.35% of whatever you’re sending. A nice touch in their new app is the ability to send the money from your Apple Pay card (avoiding the need to set up a bill payment); the only downer is they charge you 10p from a debit card to do so.


It’s just brilliant compared to what banks try to charge for achieving the same


I can’t speak highly enough of them, they were a life saver when I was
working abroad but still paying my mortgage here in the UK. I just wish
they’d add a debit card to their multicurrency account. The only thing is
that when you do the transfer the other way around from Euro to Sterling
German bank transfers are not real time like in the US and most Girokonten
don’t have visa cards like in the UK though sofort usually speeds things
up… Anyway… TransferWise is definitely awesome but the ability to
receive SEPA payments would also be useful. I’ve registered for the
business account and I do get invoices in Euro paid by SEPA so the
functionality will be a deal breaker for the business account.


SEPA payments are supposed to be coming sometime this year. I assume there will be an announcement when SEPA support is available.

Later in 2017, SEPA payments will also become available enabling Euro payments to be made through Starling Payment Services.

The new division of Starling Bank evolved from the challenger’s work to ensure its own payment services are seamlessly connected to all the main payment schemes within the UK and able to provide the best service for Starling customers.

Starling Bank launches Starling Payment Services


Well that looks like the deal breaker arriving soonish


Hey! Sorry for the late response on this, but I just wanted to add that you can receive international payments to your starling account right now using your IBAN and BIC - just not via SEPA.


SEPA really needs to be sorted. Many people can send SEPA payments from their bank free or for a nominal charge but for a SWIFT payment they may pay around £20 (depending on the bank)


I totally agree. I’ve pre-registered for a business account but my business
is in translation and tour guiding and my clients tend to be in the EU.
Transferwise is great but I’m not in a position to demand that they use it
when SEPA is free for them.


I think it’s highly likely that Starling will eventually support SEPA.

They are currently advertising a job which mentions SEPA. :face_with_monocle:

“Payments and Banking Specialist”