SEPA certificated?


It would be nice if starling would be SEPA certified. It’s quite annoying if you want to transfer in any other currency to your starling account since the money get returned due SEPA issue.

Is still being planned? :slight_smile:

Timeframe for ability to send SEPA payments?

I would hope in the long term that Starling will support incoming SEPA payments.

Hopefully one of the team will reply to this thread to clarify their position.


@IamAlexMeijer Hey Alex. We are looking into SEPA, but we are definitely committed to giving you the ability to send money abroad.

If you’re having issues receiving payments, it’s probably because the payments are sent via the SEPA rails. Ask the payer to ensure they send the payment via SWIFT rather than SEPA (you still use your IBAN and our BIC: SRLGGB2L). Please get in touch with our customer service team directly if you’re experiencing issues with this, as they’ll be able to help with your specific situation.

SEPA € (Receiving)


So I have been putting my savings into bitcoin for the last couple of months - but as Coinbase only allows you to withdraw to a bank account that it has received a SEPA payment from; I do not have the ability to withdraw any money from gdax/coinbase.

I spoke to a CSR regarding this and was told “soon” a few months ago - and was just wondering if there was any kind of timeframe for this?

What I don’t want to have, is an emergency happen and not be able to access my savings - but I know this is an issue I’ve created myself, but an issue that Starling can solve (once they have implemented 2 way SEPA payments).

On a side note, the other bank account I own is Nationwide - although they have SEPA payments, apparently they do not allow the number of characters coinbase requires as the reference code…so its impossible to use that.


Thanks :smiley:


Is it not straight forward by simply opening a TransferWise multi currency account that allows you to carry out SEPA transfers at minimal cost across borders

This then could be linked quite simply with Starling and hey presto problem solved with no great exspense


Did I not read at some point that Starling would be linking up with TransferWise

If that where the case then the problem could be solved quite simple

  • Send BTC to local bitcoins wallet
  • Sell BTC to reputable trader
  • Get cash in your account from national bank transfer
  • Profit (hopefully) :slight_smile:

Won’t tell you how to suck eggs on tax implications. :wink:


I’ve used Revolut to get money into gdax, with no fee. I’ve assumed it would work the same in reverse, but haven’t tried. It would be good to have SEPA in Starling.

Also worth noting that Nationwide want to charge you £15 (or £25 can’t remember) to do a SEPA transfer.


crazy prices really. I was so used to an RBS subsidiary charging me £25 a time for a SEPA payment, when I moved to Handelsbanken UK they charged me 20p and I thought it was a mistake :wink:


Currently I am using N26 bank and they’ve charge 2.00 Euro for an transfer and mostly it’s on my account the same day. I got paid in euros and needed to be an EU bank but Irish banks charge way too much so I decided to use this one instead.

But it would be so much better if I got paid straight into my startling so I don’t have to transfer first.


Same here, I have some bitcoin i wanna sell and I need a Sepa certificated bank.
Do you have a rough eta?


I’d be interested in making SEPA payments too at a sane cost rather than the over priced high street (£10 or £22) from Natwest - same reason as above - I have some (small percentage of a) bitcoin and plan to push it to coinbase to convert to cash as and when I need to