Sending replacement cards abroad request


Good Morning, Hope all is well.

This is a kind request for Starling Bank staff.

Please could you consider allowing replacement cards to be sent abroad by putting the relevant logistics and procedures in place to help facilitate this. Revolut and Monzo both manage to facilitate this and this feature that they have is enviable. Especially for those that travel a lot. If someone is spending a lot of time travelling for work or leisure, losing a card can be a disaster, especially if the bank has outdated rigid bank rules that only permit replacement cards to be sent to the address on their file. Having the facility to receive a replacement card overseas can turn this potentially major disaster into a mere hassle. In this modern/globalized world, there should be more flexibility in this regard and modern banks like Monzo and Revolut (and others) have managed to put logistics in place to facilitate this. I am sure Starling Bank can also do this too.

Starling Bank is repeatedly recommended by Martin Lewis as being the best debit card to use abroad and having this feature will complement it in a nice way.

Please consider changing this (outdated) policy

Thanks Starling Bank staff.


Many banks send cards abroad, it should be a standard option nowadays not a wish list option. So it would be nice if Starling did this.


I sometimes don’t agree with posts like this on here, which can often take the tone of ‘I want it, i don’t care if it’s something that anyone else wants or if it’s viable, i want it (or Monzo has it :roll_eyes:) so i’m just going to keep talking about it’ but in this case it surely is a complete no-brainer. If the card can be used abroad, in an emergency a replacement card needs to be able to be sent abroad? Even if Starling were to charge a tenner or more to cover the costs involved if that was the ultimate barrier to it happening, the ability really must be there.

@anne, @Julian_Sawyer, I don’t like to call in the big guns for trivial matters, but in this case i think you’re warranted! The thought of being stuck abroad without my Starling card is not nice, at all. As other’s have said, I don’t think this should really be a “This isn’t something we plan to offer soon.” issue, I appreciate there will be cost and logistical implications you’d rather not have to deal with but this could ultimately be about someone’s safety so I really think it needs to become something that is a possibility.



All very fair and valid points. There is no reason why a process could not be introduced for cards to be dispatched abroad under certain circumstances, especially with a tag line like “Bank Anywhere” across current marketing.

We are happy to consider the impact of changing existing processes in order to provide a complete experience which matches our customers’ vision. We are aware of this request and it is certainly part of our discussions.

Thank you.


Hi Oliver, thanks for the update.

Can I ask, what is involved in a decision like this?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I would personally think it was a relatively simple update to the current process? I appreciate it may not be, and perhaps there is more to consider that I, or others haven’t thought of.

Starling will know you are abroad, and where you are (if you’ve used your card recently, or you have location services turned on), so wouldn’t it simply be the same process right now… But to a different address?

Apologies if I’m overlooking something obvious, but I think it would help others understand a bit more about what goes into a decision like this.


Hi Nick, in this case I believe the biggest considerations would be the Risk & Legal aspect as well as assessing the impact upon the business. This may be a question for one of our product or operations team to address in a Q & A.


Ah OK - It would be interesting to know their take.



Do the majority of banks really send replacement cards abroad? :thinking:


I’ve never had this service available previously either. Obviously it would be great if it was possible but I would also be concerned about the risks of cards going missing but I guess this could be mitigated by in-app activation etc.


As mentioned earlier, Monzo and Revolut currently offer this service. I remember in a previous post on this forum, another user confirmed a few other legacy banks also offer this service. Regarding the majority of banks, I imagine most of them don’t because of their outdated policies. My legacy bank doesn’t. However it is most definitely possible using a secure form of delivery to those that would like and require this service (if they are willing to pay for it). This is what Monzo and Revolut have been doing successfully so far and to the delight of their customers. Moreover, as we know, many companies courier important and classified documents on a daily basis around the world 24/7.

This service is absolutely essential to those that spend time outside the UK for work and leisure.

Please Starling Bank, I am hopeful you will be able to offer this service



HSBC / First Direct
Any card with the American Express logo no matter what the bank.
Virgin Bank
Natwest with their premier accounts.

All the above offer replacement cards abroad.

I’m not 100% certain on others, so won’t mention them, but yes a large amount of banks send replacement cards abroad. A simple search on most of there websites will confirm that.


Hopefully Starling Bank will be added to the list soon.



This is a good thread - thanks. I am on holiday this week so a good reminder of that scenario “what happens if…”

I have spoken to Anne this morning on this and will pick this up in earnest on my return. I will update this thread by a week on Friday (27th) with our thoughts and next steps.



Awww, get off your tech and enjoy your holiday then!

Thanks for the reply BTW!


Okay that’s interesting. I’m pretty sure nationwide just tell their customers tough luck, you should have taken a back up card unless that’s changed.


Might be worth noting those who actually live and/or are travelling aboard for longer periods of time but have Starling as their main UK bank account.

I’m currently in Australia for a year and only have one UK bank account, granted I’m using my Australian bank account for the majority of the time here but there has been occasions when I’ve needed to use my UK account and I have no idea what I would do if lost my UK debit card and got told “tough luck”. (Other than getting it sent to my parents and asking them to send it to me which seems like a massive pain in the a***!)


I put this to Starling CS and was told it’s not possible.

They said it’s a security risk but I did say the card wouldn’t be active and therefore presents zero risk so I do think it should be looked into…

If I needed a card abroad I’d have to get someone else to forward it on to me anyway so it makes no difference. I’d like to see this implemented for emergencies.


Let’s hope for some positive news on this. Fintech’s commonly state that other industries have moved into the technological age whilst banks have been left behind and still haven’t adopted the revolution. As a result, Fintech’s have appeared in order to bring banking into the tech age.

Other industries currier important, valuable, classified, private (you name it) documents and products around the world using technology and also manage to execute these procedures securely. So is it really acceptable in this day and age to suggest that a simple bank card can’t be sent overseas?

Saying you only send it to the address on file for security purposes would be acceptable back in the 1970’s and 1980’s but I’m sure everyone agrees, is really really really outdated in this modern world.

Let’s hope this changes


It’s an excuse banks use about it being a risk, there is no risk, the card is sent tracked, its not activated until the person activates it themselves, in fact its normally more secure than just sending it by normal post in the UK and the card doesn’t even need to be activated in the UK.


Good Morning

I hope all is well

Is there any update on this ?

I’m hoping for some promising news on this where I would feel comfortable wondering around other countries with my Starling Bank card knowing that if it gets lost or stolen, Starling customer service would have the logistics in place to securely send me a new one :pray: