Send screenshots/images within in-app customer service chat


I think it would also be nice if we could send screen shots to CS from within the app, instead of having to email them in separately.

Send screenshots/images within in-app customer service

I believe that’s already in the mix. :slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent! :slight_smile:

I had a quick search on here, but didn’t see anything, so thought I’d put it out there.


Sure. It got picked up in amongst other Android related stuff. Important point nonetheless.

You’re on a roll today eh?:+1:


Think that is a good idea



I could not agree more. So frustrating. Seems to be the on chat option within app that doesnt allow it.


You can do it with Monzo, so it’s definitely possible.


I just saw this thread, been on a party weekend!

I did suggest this directly to CS and others a few weeks ago. They thought it was a great idea and I believe they are going to implement it asap.


Sorry it’s late, but I’ve noted this one down! :slight_smile:


Yes this is on my list to make available. It should be quite straight forward but we need to consider security to ensure malicious content cannot be uploaded. Will update you when we’re closer to it being available. Thanks.


Security is paramount after all :slight_smile:


I thought this had been mentioned before but I can find it, so Guru’s feel free to merge if there is.

There really needs to be a way in app to upload screenshots. I’ve just had to direct Ewan to my post here regarding the Overdraft issue because you can’t upload screenshots.

This is not a ZenDesk issue because uploading of files is supported just fine.


Hi @Chalky

I thought this had come up before, but can’t find it either.

Thanks for your suggestion. It’s a good one so I’ll pass it to the product team! :slight_smile:


I remembered bringing this up a little while ago…


Sorry @dave, I knew someone had mentioned it but I searched for ‘screenshot’ rather than ‘image’!


I’m seriously considering installing Confide Messinger with screenshot prevention technology screenshield. Just shows haw wide the perception of risk is in the smartphone user blob.


As far as I’m aware, it is still not possible to take a screenshot while in the Starling app (notification attached).

I am having an issue with not being able to disconnect the partner PensionBee which I have contacted CS about and twice I have been asked to provide screenshots and twice I have told them I am not able to. Is there something I am missing here, an option or setting to allow screenshots? I’m thinking they wouldn’t ask for them if it’s not possible but can’t find any other topics that discuss this.


Hey @Shaun_Allison to take screenshots on an Android device, this can be done from Account Management > Your Device Settings > Login & Security.

You can send this to us at

I’ll also feedback to the team to make this clearer when we ask for screenshots.


Great thanks!