Send Account Details


My wife has just set up a Starling account too, and it seemed like there should be a way of me adding her as a payee her having to read the long account number aloud.

She sent it to me by text message, but I couldn’t easily copy and paste that in so we resorted to the analogue option of just telling each other our account numbers!

Perhaps I could scan a QR code shown on her screen or something like that.


Nice idea.

In app if you go to Account Details there is also share feature to share your account details via iMessage or other apps easily (is this what you did?), although I appreciate this doesn’t quickly get those details from your messaging app into our payee set up form.

We have some updates in the works to make it easier to add payee from the contacts you have saved on your phone which I think in this instance this could have helped you.


It is also great that you can share your IBAN details from this page as well!


the android app lets you share both, the local (sort code/account) and international (BIC/IBAN) account details and you can then pick any mechanism supported by the phone to send the text


Yes, it’s the ‘share account details by imessage’ that we used, although when receiving an imessage you can’t copy individual words (or numbers) from it, just the whole message.


I believe one could copy the whole message and then immediately paste it straight into the reply box underneath so you could select the numbers you needed and then discard the rest. Its quicker than reading and typing it out, but I like your idea of a qr code type thing. :+1::+1:


wouldn’t it be a lot easier to add the ability to share by email on iOS too instead of fighting that (apparently half baked) iMessage mechanism?


I think the point is not so much about the sharing mechanism more that Starling should recognise one of it’s own accounts from the shared link and auto populate the details into the App for you, letting you either add to an existing payee or add a new payee with those details. Avoiding the need to copy and paste etc.


so you want the apps reading all messages just in case there is something they can recognise and improve for you?


Is this not heading into connected accounts territory?


This is not about connected accounts, as it’s only in my own case above that it was my wife. It’s just about an easy way to import a payee with a Starling account into the app without the copy/paste mess from an iMessage.


they use QR already to add a new device to an account. in theory the same mechanism could be used to connect accounts but… i doubt it can be considered secure enough for legal purposes.
wasn’t that the point of paym ? share your account details by sharing your phone number


No - the exported link from the Starling app should include a header and direct those details to Starling if the app is installed. Much like if I receive a link to a times article - it will detect that the app is installed and open in that rather than safari…


that could work if starling actually had a web interface, but sadly they don’t


It can work even without a web interface, if Starling were to set up a URL which just redirects you to the app. In the same way, if you click a Spotify link when you’re not signed in to the web interface it just redirects you to the app. The URL that it went ‘through’ to get to the app doesn’t need to have a web interface on it.


I think the important thing here is not trying to design a solution, but just to note the user need and leave it to the Starling team work out the best way to do it.