Semi-frequent card acceptance 'downtime' - a thing of the past?



For various reasons, my legacy bank has failed to impress over the last couple of weeks and on the flipside Starling have been fantastic. As such, I’m looking to possibly perform a full switch and close the account with my legacy bank in its entirety.

My one remaining niggle of doubt is the unreliability of GPS historically. That said, I haven’t seen any major outages reported on here since NYE, so I’m optimistically hoping these will be a thing of the past? I do have a third account which has a couple of hundred pounds in for emergency use so I wouldn’t be totally stuck, but really do want to just make sure Starling’s going to be reliable as a payment provider moving forward before I 100% commit to switching my primary day-to-day account.

Many thanks!


Starling has some great features, but it is not yet capable of fully replacing a legacy bank - the major issues at the moment are issues withdrawing cash from certain ATM machines and a lack of support for 3D secure payments (online payments using the 3D secure portal). This means you could find yourself in trouble if you are solely relying on the card - I would recommend keeping a legacy account and using starling as a second account. I have all my direct debits coming from my legacy account and use starling for day to day spending - my legacy account receives my pay- and i just transfer some cash to starling - whenever the starling card fails a payment (which is more regular than i’d like) i use my legacy card - until starling resolves the cash withdrawal and 3D secure payment problem then it cannot be considered reliable (in my opinion).


I, personally, use my Starling account as my full account, so I don’t entirely agree. I get paid into it and my bills come out and it does everything very well in my opinion. I’d say Starling is great for your main bank…


I do agree that it currently shouldn’t be your ONLY bank! Mainly, as mentioned, because of things like secure payments online. There have been a few times where I have had to send money to my old Natwest account (which, apart from that, I don’t use anymore) to buy something online.

So I would say go for it… Just don’t close your old account… Or just keep your third account.

I’ve had no problems with reliability now, with Starling, and eventually they’ll be adding the features needed. It gets my vote. Although I’m not legally allowed to give financial advice and it’s up to you and all the other stuff that stops me getting sued! :joy: :joy: